Why waste time on multiple free beta readers and proofreaders, compiling all their corrections and comments, when you could hire one affordable, experienced beta reader, proofreader, and editor?

Proof Positive is dedicated to the meticulous proofreading, beta reading, and editing of your works.

Indie author? Mainstream author? Just had your book copy edited? Final draft? Proof Positive will give your manuscript the detailed, personal attention it deserves. Each editor works on only one manuscript at a time in order to give it undivided attention.

Proof Positive does even more for you.
We know there’s a lot of competition out there. That’s why we give your work the extra boost of social media pre-release publicity via Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn while we’re working on your manuscript. Post-release, we support your newly published work by advertising via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and an interview with you on Proof Positive’s blog. We’ll also put a picture of your book’s cover art on our website with a permanent link to either the URL where it can be purchased or to your author website on my blog.

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