Willful Misconduct: The Tragic Story of Pan American Flight 806

Discover the truth about the crash that never should have happened.

In 1974, Pan American Flight 806 was hoping to land safely in Pago Pago, Samoa but instead plummeted at 140 miles per hour into the jungle floor. The 101 passengers and Willful Misconduct by William Norriscrew members all survived this devastating crash. Unfortunately, only four of them escaped the wreckage before the ensuing fire that followed and lived to tell their story. After the disaster, Pan American was found guilty of “willful misconduct” after the longest and most expensive trial in aviation history.

William Norris sets out to discover the truth about the controversies surrounding the accident. What caused the crash, and what prevented the 97 passengers from escaping the aircraft with their lives? Among these questions, Norris discovers more answers to other mysteries about this devastating event and its trial along the way.

It is a triumph of investigative journalism by a man whose outrage grew as he followed the trail of evidence, dug beneath the cover-ups, and personally came to know most of those involved.

Willful Misconduct is a gripping tale, full of courtroom drama, fascinating characters, and human tragedy.

Read Willful Misconduct by William Norris

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Book Launch: Urban Fantasy Series

Dark urban fantasy, snarky humor, and a skittering lizard make for a fun and memorable read for yourself and the perfect gift for others! International bestselling author Kathrin Hutson‘s first book in the Accessory to Magic series is The Witching Vault, an urban fantasy novel that will grab you and keep you hooked until the very last page.

Run the witching vault. Protect the Gateway. Say please. And don’t get killed.

After her release from magical prison, Jessica Northwood can’t hold a job to save her life.The Witching Vault by Kathrin Hutson So when an apprenticeship opens up at a spellbound bank, no questions asked, she can’t exactly say no… But she definitely should have.

For centuries, the bank’s owners have stood between the Gateway in the upstairs hall and the occult syndicate who want it for themselves. As the current owner, the scryer witch is supposed to have that under control. But when the woman turns up dead, Jessica’s employment contract now says she’s the one tasked with this lethal responsibility.

Jessica has no idea what she’s doing…and the bank won’t let her leave. As she deals with magical clientele who know the stakes far better than she does, Jessica must decide just how far she’s willing to go to keep this job. Because if she doesn’t, she’ll end up as dead as the body in the lobby. Or worse.

Illona Andrews’ Inkeeper Chronicles meets The Magicians in this snarky, fast-paced Urban Fantasy Adventure from International Bestselling Author Kathrin Hutson.

Pre-order the next book in the Accessory to Magic series

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Book Launch: YA LGBTQ Romance

Jordon Greene‘s second YA LGBTQ romance book is here! Watching for Comets explores the difference between a teen whose family won’t accept his sexuality and another teen whose family is the exact opposite. With totally different backgrounds, Tyler and Aidan deal with the loss of classmate Brayden in opposite ways, and Tyler refuses to let Aidan in as a friend. But what happens when they find each other their best support system?

His heart is lost in the stars

TYLER: Life sucks. There′s no point in acting like it doesn′t.

Why else would it make me gay, give me a family that hates who I am, throw me in a town Watching for Comets by Jordon Greenethat would rather “my kind” be shipped off, and then decide my boyfriend had to die? Or maybe that last one was my fault… The point is that life sucks. Everything about it sucks.

Oh yeah, and now I′m stuck venting about it all to my archnemesis, Aidan.

AIDAN: You know what? Life hurts sometimes.

It does right now. I miss my friend, and I don′t understand why he had to die. But there′s a part of me that knows he′s looking down from the stars right now, and he wants me to smile again. It might be fake at the moment, but it′s something. The crazy part is I never imagined Tyler would talk to me again, but here I am trying to help him through the same hurt I′m feeling.

I just wish I knew why he hates me so much.

Also read A Mark on My Soul, 2019 Best Indie Book Award LGBTQ Winner by Jordon Greene

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Book Launch: Grimdark Paranormal

Jessa Forest‘s The Slaughter Chronicles kicks off with Pulling Teeth and Other Stories, an anthology that reads like a novel. Follow Regina Slaughter through her young life as a werewolf who wants nothing more than to shift into wolf form and run under the moon—except she’s imprisoned by monster hunters who want to experiment on her. But this isn’t her first brush with danger. And it won’t be her last. At times visceral and at times light-hearted, Pulling Teeth and Other Stories is an exciting journey into a new paranormal world you’ll love!

Old wounds. New beginnings. Jellyfish monsters.

Teenage Regina Slaughter finds out there are three sides to life: human, monster, and Pulling Teeth and Other Stories by Jessa Foresthuman-turned-monster.

Restarting her life with an emotionally barren Void hunter for a teacher and a caring werewolf for an adopted father gives her a bright, shiny future. But her world didn’t start out so bright and shiny.

When little Regina unwillingly became a werewolf at the tender age of nine, she lost her whole family soon after. Her new life in a cage at the whim of HADES monster hunters’ experimentations is even worse than her old life.

Now on the monster side of life, Regina learns that there are no limits to the kind of monster humans can be.

Regina is saved by the Alpha of a werewolf pack, who was also once human…and also once a werewolf hunter himself. Joyfully accepted into the Alpha’s new pack–joyful on her side, not on all of theirs–Regina enters the perilous world of monster hunting to protect the world from actually evil monsters.

Although sometimes she ends up keeping them as pets.

Buckle your seatbelts, put on a helmet, and hold on tight as you join Regina Slaughter in this grimdark paranormal fantasy collection that features five stories, two mad scientists, and one wolf girl.

Read Pulling Teeth and Other Stories by Jessa Forest

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Book Launch: Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Six lives, one city. In Kevin Zdrill‘s latest book, The Jungle Room, almost everyone is trying to find a way out of their lives. Some want to return to their families, some want to start fresh, and some are finding the seedy underbelly of LA very fruitful. When a disturbing sequence of events causes their lives to collide, the consequences are extreme and dire.

What extremes would you go to for the chance to achieve your dream life?

Disgraced former LAPD officer Don Butler scams people out of their money in the hopes of affording a life of relaxation on the beaches of Costa Rica with his former fashion model The Jungle Room by Kevin Zdrillgirlfriend, Alejandra—if he doesn’t get caught by the cops first.

Alejandra’s probation-jumping new roommate, Megan, is thrilled to begin a career as a stripper at The Jungle Room. Her new mentor, long-time dancer and drug addict Tyrianne, promises to bring her to the top of her profession with cash and partying beyond her wildest dreams. But when the drugs and booze get out of control, there are harsh consequences to pay.

Tommy has discovered that having a regular desk job isn’t quite as creative as playing out the fantasies of middle-aged businessmen—unless they don’t pay up.

Kirk has been abused one too many times by boyfriends promising him the world, and now he’s stuck in a job he despises with a boss he loathes even more. Can he escape before his burgeoning paranoia leaks too far into his day job?

Experience L.A.’s seedy underbelly, where all roads lead to deceit, betrayal, or murder!

Please note: this book contains explicit content.

Read more books by Kevin Zdrill

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Book Launch: Lesbian Romance Book

If you’re looking for an unpredictable roller coaster ride of a romance book, Love Out of Bounds is just what you need! Ellie Spark‘s latest novella will make you fall in love with her well-intentioned characters, one of which has a secret that can’t be shared—literally. Or else it will ruin her.

Some lines should never be crossed.

Sophie London has never believed in love at first sight. When she forms an instant connection with gorgeous virtual assistant, Charli Robinson, she’s thrown into a spin and Love Out of Bounds by Ellie Sparkher rule book on love flies out the window. This woman is perfect, and she can imagine them spending the rest of their lives together.

Charli Robinson is not perfect. Accumulating a colossal debt twelve months earlier, she’s leading a secretive double life. Working a second job as a paid escort is not information she dares to share with the woman she’s fallen hard for.

With only a few weeks before her debt can be repaid and Charli can walk away from the escort business, her two worlds collide with spectacular, yet catastrophic, consequences. Sophie is left devastated, confused, and heartbroken. Has everything they’ve shared been a lie?

Unable to disclose her secret, Charli is left in a precarious situation. Does she come clean with Sophie and risk a financial blow so severe she’ll lose everything; or will she choose to walk away from the love of her life?

Books in the Love Stories series are long novella length (35-50K words) and may contain fade to black sex scenes. While some characters do appear in multiple books, these Love Stories can be enjoyed in any order. ♥

Read more of the Love Stories series

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Book Launch: Medical Thriller

Action-packed, edge-of-your-seat medical thriller Deadfall is Deborah Coonts’s second book in the Kate Sawyer Medical Thriller series. Building on current events in a cutting-edge, realistic way, Coonts provides a warning and a thriller all in one intense novel.

“A firecracker of a thriller…” —Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha, and Mary Higgins Clark award-winning author

On the best day of Dr. Rita Davenport’s life, she jumps in front of a speeding London Deadfall by Deborah CoontsUnderground train.

The police think suicide.

Dr. Davenport’s team in Portland, Oregon thinks otherwise.

On the day she died, Dr. Davenport presented a paper highlighting a medical breakthrough that would change the treatment of Alzheimer’s. The breakthrough would undercut the billion-dollar Big Pharma business model, taking money from the grant writers, researchers, doctors and huge pharmaceutical companies who have made their life’s work developing drugs that don’t work.

To Dr. Davenport’s team, that is motive for murder.

They turn to Detective Kate Sawyer, one of their own—a participant in their study who is battling her own genetic form of Alzheimer’s. With her lover, Detective Beck Hudson; Dr. Davenport’s right-hand man, Thea Janeway; and Thea’s romantic nemesis and respected denizen of the Dark Web, Carter Livingston, Kate gets pulled deeper and deeper into the secret places where those on the fringes of synthetic biology ply their trade…for good and for ill.

The killer threatens to kill another of Dr. Davenport’s study participants unless Kate backs off…and he’ll keep killing until she stops.

With lives in the balance, Kate can’t stop…not until the last man falls.

But who will be next?

Read The Kate Sawyer Medical Thriller series

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Book Launch: Fantasy Short Stories

Lily Hammer‘s second short story is now available! “The Remnant” picks up from the end of “The Price“, and Hagador is immediately in a dangerous situation. Completely alone, none the wiser about Fewry, and wanted for heresy, Hagador can’t afford to take any chances with danger—it’s just that danger is intent on finding him.

The One-Horned Heretic series continues as Hagador embarks on the harsh journey west, running from the guilt of what he’s done and from a realm that wants him dead for it.

Hagador has no choice. He must get to the The Void, a safe haven in the wild and The Remnant by Lily Hammerunfamiliar western reaches of Darkwerks where only those who have committed crimes against the Gods can seek asylum.

But he can’t do it alone. When Hagador runs into trouble in a border town, an unlikely ally reveals himself. This comes at the perfect time for the one-horned Ovis; the west is about to demonstrate how dangerous and unpredictable it can be.

The Remnant” is the second installment of The One-Horned Heretic series. Part one, “The Price“, is available on Amazon.

Read the first short story in the One-Horned Heretic series

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Book Launch: Occult Horror

Clever, terrifying, and worthy of a movie, debut author Mike Feria‘s Passenger keeps you on the edge of your seat. Not a page goes by that isn’t gripping. You may need to put this book in your freezer between reads!

It preys upon your guilt and your grief.

Instances of demonic possession have long been blamed for the atrocities mankind inflictsPassenger by Mike Feria upon itself. When a demon latches onto Marshall Lison, a child, it torments, and it corrupts. Those who stand in the demon’s path are swept aside or used as pawns to commit violent crimes of escalating brutality.

As years pass into memory, the fractures in Marshall’s psychological health grow, as does the demonic influence. Is it possible to fight an intangible evil? By the time the demon’s ultimate plan is unveiled, it may be too late for what remains of Marshall’s sense of self.

Buy Passenger on Amazon

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Book Launch: Recovery Memoir

We are honored to be a part of publishing All Eyes on Me by Kevin Zdrill about Vincent Lillie’s life. Stuck for years in a circle of incarceration, drugs, and gangs, Lillie can now share his story of the rocky road to recovery and the incredible changes he has made to his life and to others’ lives. If you or someone you know is stuck in this cycle, this book is the hope they need.

Drugs, gangs, crime, doing time.

Vincent Lillie desperately wanted to escape the cycle that was slowly killing him, and the first step was leaving the very gang he had depended on for love and acceptance. The priceAll Eyes on Me by Kevin Zdrill for escape? A beating so brutal, many don’t survive.

The story of Vincent’s life starts with the destruction of his family at the hands of his father’s sexual abuse, worsens with his school’s discriminatory segregation of him, and deteriorates further with every drug he does, every crime he commits, and each of his incarcerations. With his three brothers stuck in the same cycle, Vincent’s lowest point of addiction came to attempted suicide-twice.

But fate had other plans for him.

At times heartbreaking and at others breathtaking, Vincent’s true story will give you faith in humanity and prove the strength of the human spirit. His slow but steady road to recovery through sheer willpower and determination led him to become a mentor and speaker, motivating kids and adults to become the best version of themselves, and stopping those who are troubled from following in his footsteps. His is an unforgettable story of burning to ashes and rising from them better than ever before-one step at a time.

A raw and honest memoir that will give you hope.

FOREWORD BY MITCH BOURBONNIERE, Director of Service, Ogijiita Pimatiswin Kinamatwin (OPK), working with Winnipeg’s most vulnerable people who suffer with homelessness, post traumatic stress, addiction, mental health issues, domestic violence, gang involvement, and sexual exploitation.

Read Vincent’s story

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