Movie/Television/Play Scripts:

Proofreading: $0.50 per page

Your actors don’t have to stumble over spelling mistakes – let Proof Positive make their first read-through smooth and easy.

Submitting your script to a film festival or contest? Don’t lose because of misspellings and confusing sentence construction. Let your script shine!

Proofreading includes:

  • grammatical errors
  • spelling errors
  • word choice

*Formatting is not included in our services.

Editing: $1.00 per page

There’s nothing worse than a confused audience. Proof Positive will check that your characters and plot are consistent and clear.

Editing includes:

  • grammatical errors
  • spelling errors
  • word choice
  • consistency of tone, characters, descriptions, plot, and style
  • pacing
  • plot holes

*Formatting is not included in our services.

Send your script in Word or Pages format and we’ll use Track Changes to make our changes. Alternatively, for an extra $5, send it as a PDF and we’ll send back handwritten changes – we just scan your document with our changes and send it to you via email. We do not use Final Draft or other similar software.

Video Game Scripts:

The internet is loaded with comments and complaints about poor spelling, bad grammar, and incorrect words used in video games. Why have your game’s name tarnished by proofreading errors? Proof Positive offers two ways for you to perfect the verbiage in your game:

Game scripts proofreading: $0.005 per word (half a cent per word)

Send us the text from your video game in Word or Pages format and we’ll proofread for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and word choice using Track Changes. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

In-game script proofreading: $25 per hour

Too many games tell the player to look for a sword instead of a pocketknife, or to turn left instead of right. We can play the game and proofread at the same time. This way, we can ensure the player is instructed correctly by seeing the text with the graphics you’ve created.

Pre-release and post-release publicity

Included in the total cost of any of the above services are:

  • Twitter mentions of you and your work with optional art advertising to get the hype started!
  • a guest post about you and/or your work on Proof Positive’s website (press releases are also acceptable)
  • your advertising art posted on Proof Positive’s website with a link to where readers learn about you
  • posts about your work on FacebookLinkedInGoogle+

Regardless of which service you choose, we can also help transform your writing from British English to American English (language and spelling) or from American English to British English (spelling). Either way, it’ll be done right.

Non-native English speaker? No problem. We specialize in editing non-native English writing.

*If you pay for a higher-priced service and your manuscript requires less, we will refund the difference between the two costs.