Lilian Oake, author of The Chronicles of Jaydür series

Where do I even begin? After working with a senior editor of a massive publishing house, as well as a lesser-known small press, it was quickly made clear that Christie Stratos has the skill that belongs with the big names. She’s got an uncanny ability to keep innumerable small details as well as huge, elaborate plots under control and organized. If not for her, my books would be all plot holes and horrible purple prose. It’s been an amazing experience to work with her, and I look forward to sending her my next book!


Joshua Robertson, author of the Thrice Nine Legends series

Christie Stratos is possibly the most professional and proficient editor I have ever had the privilege to meet. Her intellect, integrity, passion, and overall approach to the editing process are second to none. For years, I have searched for an editor with even a fraction of Christie’s skill sets, but from her attention to detail to her expert understanding of story elements, she stands well above any alternative. The way she preserves an author’s voice while strengthening a manuscript is frighteningly good! She weaves in and out of paragraphs and dances along the plot arc, as though the story and characters came from her own imagination. She understands world building, sentence structure, language, and so much more, which firmly solidifies the connection between author and reader. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for business. Before any of my publications head to the printer, they will first pass through the hands of the editorial staff at Proof Positive.


Elle Viviani, author of Fiancée Forgery and many other romances

Proof Positive has always been my go-to proofreader for all of my novels. In fact, I loved working with Christie and Anita so much, I now use Proof Positive for editing as well! Their detailed insights, sharp eye, and thorough explanations have made my novels better than ever and helped me grow as a writer. Not only does Christie’s team have a strong grasp on grammar, but they also provide invaluable feedback on each book—and all at an excellent price. If you’re searching for a professional editing team with incredible flexibility and patience, then look no further than Proof Positive Pro. I would recommend this fantastic group to anyone.


Amie Irene Winters, author of Strange Luck and The Nightmare Birds

Look no further for the perfect editing team! Christie Stratos’ fun and personable attitude made editing a pleasure, and her keen eye for consistency and flow has allowed me to polish my novel. She consistently provided me with insightful feedback and possesses a genuine passion for editing. Her communication throughout the entire process was top-notch. Not only is Christie a wonderful editor, she is a gifted author and has an intricate understanding of what writers need and want. I highly recommend Proof Positive.


Walter Matthew Stewart, Technical Support Specialist:

I recently had an unexpected employment opportunity that required the presentation of some work previously done.  I contacted Christie Stratos on a Thursday night hoping to get her to read over a technical document and offer any support she could.  Christie had the document read, edited, commented, and returned to me by Sunday, even though her birthday was that Saturday!  I didn’t expect her to be able to offer much revision for a technical document aside from grammar and punctuation, but she helped standardize font, formatting, capitalization of concepts, presentation of various technical terms, and she improved the overall document layout, as well.  I could not have been happier, and I’ve already decided that she’ll be my go-to for any future work.  Thanks again, Christie!


Testimonial from M Joseph Murphy, author of Council of Peacocks and other fantasy novels:

Christie Stratos agreed to beta read my novel Council of Peacocks. It is a much better book thanks to her input.

I’ve taught a course on Effective Business Writing for 6 years at a local college. I’ve also previously worked as a technical writer and taken numerous linguistic courses in French and English.  I get grammar. 

Stratos’ work went well beyond nuts and bolts. Grammar mistakes are easy fixes. She pointed out weaknesses in the story and inconsistencies between scenes. This type of error is much harder to spot and more important to the reader’s enjoyment.

Every suggestion she offered made complete sense. She pointed out errors in a gentle tone because she understands how sensitive we artistic types can be.

She also did something very difficult to do: Stratos made suggestions without changing my writer’s voice.

If you are looking to hire a professional to look over your work, I highly recommend Christie Stratos.


Testimonial from Judy Teel, author the Shifty Magic series and the Cinderella Heiresses series:

Christie Stratos is good at what she does. Very good.

When Christie agreed to provide an edit on my short novel, Instructing an Heiress, my hope was that a new set of eyes would at least find any typos and comma errors that my team and I had missed. She went well beyond that, and I couldn’t have been more impressed and pleased. Yes, she found the simple errors that are so easy to overlook, but with an amazing level of attention to detail and insight, she also highlighted inconsistencies in character, dialogue and setting; aspects of the story that were confusing; and subtle though impactful areas that might need a second look.

This book was vetted thoroughly before release, but Christie made it better. And she did it with professionalism, intelligence and precision, all while retaining the tone and style of my author’s voice. Christie would be a valuable asset to any publishing team. I’m glad I found her for mine.


Testimonial from Jenna Lehne, author:

I’ve been trying to think of a professional way to say this, but I can’t come up with anything other than ‘Christie is soooo awesome’.

I was terrified to send my new baby (manuscript) out into the world, but I’m so glad I did. I can’t stress how great working with Christie was.

Christie had my manuscript back to me in record time, which was a welcome change considering anything that has to do with publishing is often associated with long waits.

She found errors I had missed, even after going over it myself five times, and suggested changes that matched my character’s voice perfectly.

Something I found to be unique was the social media updates. There’s nothing better than reading a tweet about how much someone is enjoying my novel 🙂 I will use Christie on everything I write from grocery lists to novels, and have encouraged my critique partners to use her as well.


Testimonial from Lilian Roberts, author:

Christie Stratos is an amazing individual who happens to be an amazing proofreader as well.

I was your typical eager writer who couldn’t wait to see her book on Amazon. I paid an editor handsomely to make sure that the book would have a detailed editing sweep. I published the book and found out it was a mistake that I will never repeat. You can’t fool the readers. They are good, and they find all those mistakes, big or small, all those punctuation errors, and every little thing that you thought was perfect.

Following the realization that I needed a good editor I eagerly searched to find a person that I could trust to do a good job and correct the mistakes that plagued my book.

I found Christie Stratos through a mutual friend. I am not sure I can say enough about Christie without making people think that she is part of my family. She is not. -:)

She is just an amazing individual who did an awesome job with my book “Arielle: Immortal Awakening”. Christie did a thorough job in proofreading the book and fixing many mistakes, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She made suggestions that helped the story flow better.

It was a huge shock to see the book after Christie was done with the proofreading. I just can’t say enough about Christie’s work and how thankful I am for the time she spent to make my book better.

The book went up on Amazon again, only this time it is right. I was so excited that as soon as it went live again, I ordered a few copies.

I have a few more books in the series and will certainly consider Christie for proofreading. She is obviously the best at what she does.


Testimonial from Veronica Berry, freelance writer and author:

After Christie Stratos beta read/edited my first manuscript, I could never even think of submitting or self-publishing any of my future books (or short stories) without hiring her first. Christie was extremely helpful in so many ways, from major issues to minor catches and corrections. She pointed out a fatal flaw about my first chapter and made suggestions that helped me fix it through a rewrite, after which it read 100 percent better. She found small inconsistencies I didn’t realize were there and corrected them. Without her sharp eye and helpful input, I would have submitted a weak manuscript; now I stand a much better chance of getting the attention of an agent or publisher. I’ll definitely be hiring her again for the next book in my series – she’s reasonably priced and worth so much more!


Testimonial from Sarah Curcio,virtual assistant and freelance writer:

In the time I have known Christie, her own writing has truly kept an audience’s attention. She is organized and detail-oriented. Those are qualities you want in an editor. She will take her time and review your manuscripts in great length. With her English Literature background and professional experience as a proofreader, she is the obvious choice.


Testimonial from Jillian Bauer, owner of Jillian Bauer Photography:

I was in an extreme time crunch to submit my Statement of Purpose for a grad school application, so I hired Christie to review my drafts. Within just minutes, she was able to reorganize my thoughts in a way that flowed and actually formed an argument. By the time she was done, a strong and unique piece had emerged, with my original tone still intact. I would absolutely hire Christie again to help with any business or college essay writing.