10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Writers: $7 – $31

The writer in your life deserves themed gifts that will inspire them all year long. Here’s a list of ideas we love that your writer friends will tell all their writing friends about!

1. Writer Emergency Pack: $19

Give your writer friends the tool they need to get inspiration no matter where they are! If they’ve got writer’s block, this will help unstick them. Pick any illustrated idea card or even a few, and use them as writing prompts, outlines for a short story, revivals for stories that have been stuck for a while, and more.

“Even better than I could possibly have imagined.” – Amazon reviewer

“These cards are cute, petite, and does what it says it will….helps you write!” – Amazon reviewer

“…they make a terrific gift that encourages and validates aspiring writers.” – Amazon reviewer

Click here to order this fun gift. 

2. Favorite author and great first lines mugs: $16

With nine mugs to choose from, you’re sure to find the best one for your writer friends! You can pick:

  • Sherlock Holmes (pictured left)
  • Banned Books
  • Bronte Sisters
  • First Lines of Literature
  • Last Lines of Literature
  • Jane Austen
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Mark Twain

Buy these mugs here.

3. Do Not Disturb Writer At Work Doorknob Sign: $7

Writers often need to shut themselves away in order to get some peace and quiet. That means getting friends and family to understand that the door behind which the writer is building worlds should not be opened.

This gift will not only make them smile, but it’ll actually help protect their writing time. All of your writer friends will thank you for giving them an easy way to say “go away” without actually having to say it!

Grab this fun gift here. 

4. Writer Wall Clock: $31

There’s nothing to hold you to writing better than looking at a clock that constantly reminds you to write! Put it in your home office to keep yourself in that writerly mood or put it in your kitchen to remind yourself to get out of there and into your writing.

At 17″, this wall clock is easy to read, and it’s ideal for aspiring and professional writers alike. Keep your passion in plain sight. All it takes is one AA battery to run.

It’s time to buy this clever gift here. 

5. 642 Things to Write About: $12

This writing prompt book from Chronicle Books is a fun one with hundreds of writing prompts. Some are fun, some are vague, and some are very specific. For some of them, you’ll probably need extra paper! Here are some examples of the prompts you’ll find inside:

  • “A man jumps from the fortieth story of a building. As he’s passing the twenty-eighth floor, he hears a phone ring and regrets that he jumped. Why?”
  • “Write a scene that begins: ‘Joe was the last person on earth I expected to do that.'”
  • “Write a story that starts with a piece of gossip.”

“Any writer w/ brain block or in a slump, this will help you get back on track.” – Amazon reviewer

“This book is so fun if you like to write.” – Amazon reviewer

“I love that there are prompts that range in topic and resulting length.” – Amazon reviewer

Click here to buy this book. 

6. I Write – What’s Your Superpower? Mug: $9.27

Writers need reminding all the time that their talent isn’t just making up fiction—it’s a superpower. It brings readers out of their own relationships, situations, and work lives and into a character’s. Maybe they write fantasy and build whole new worlds. Maybe they write contemporary fiction that allows readers to experience life from a different perspective. Whatever they write, they’re changing readers’ lives. Remind them how much their writing means with this mug.

Buy this mug for your amazing writer friends.

7. Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success: $9.79

So your writer friends think they’re pantsers and there’s no other way for them to write? They think that outlining will ruin creativity and take the enjoyment out of writing?

This book by award-winning author K.M. Weiland proves otherwise. Outlining isn’t supposed to suck out creativity; instead, it’s meant to act as a support system for creativity. Weiland encourages writers to outline in whatever way creatively works for them instead of sticking to a style that might work for some but limit others.

“My copy of OUTLINING YOUR NOVEL: MAP YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS is packed with handwritten notes, highlights and dog-eared pages. It is truly a wealth of information and an eye-opening experience. You know a book is worth every penny when you have a light bulb moment.” – Amazon reviewer

“Not only does this book give me a whole new perspective on what it means to outline my novel, I also found some other surprisingly good tips inside, like creating a calendar for the events in my novel, something that definitely comes in handy if you’re writing historical fiction, like me.” – Amazon reviewer

Help take the stress out of writing with this great, well-reviewed book. 

8. Buy My Books Mug: $9.27

Ask any writer—marketing is possibly the hardest part of the writing journey. It’s difficult, sometimes even painful, to strike the balance between salesman and…well, just a writer doing what they love.

What if your writer friends had mugs that sold their books for them? Mugs that allow readers to approach them at work, at Starbucks, anywhere, and ask, “Hey, you’re a writer? Do I know any of your books? Are you working on your next novel?”

Make your writer friends’ lives easier and gift them this mug. 

9. Writer’s Digest 1-Year Subscription (Kindle + Print): $17.96 with renewal, $19.96 no renewal

One of writers’ biggest strengths is information. Constantly learning from others, hearing success stories from those in the same field, reading useful and practical advice—these not only improve writing but build confidence.

Gift the subscription of all subscriptions: Writer’s Digest. Not only does this well-established magazine provide invaluable information, but it presents contests and opportunities too.

This price is Amazon-only—other vendors sell the magazine for the same price for print without Kindle access.

Give the gift of constant learning.

10. The 5 Day Novel: The How To Guide For Writing Faster & Optimizing Your Workflow: $15.99

Writers are famous for having more ideas than time to write them. This book is made for just that purpose—to help writers write faster. It includes actionable advice, no fluff, and you don’t have to write a book in five days, writers can read it as advice on how to get books finished faster.

“Practical tips and the truth about writing fast.” – Amazon reviewer

“This is not a craft book, this is a blue print for how to actually write a novel that takes 5 days and not 5 years!” – Amazon reviewer

“It’s not a boring textbook, but instead something that’s fun to read and easy to understand. He talks to us through the book, like talking to someone face-to-face.” – Amazon reviewer

Help your writer friends achieve their goals.

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