Awethors Event: Interview with Claire Plaisted

Our fourteenth awesome author in the countdown until the Get Down With The Awethors Facebook event on April 12 is Claire Plaisted. She has ten books on the market and counting, including romance and a children’s book – quite varied!


1. What will you be sharing with the group on April 12 at the Get Down With The Awethors event? Free book giveaway, sneak peek, merchandise, holding a competition, discussion?

I am giving away an ebook version of Malachy’s Unit, which is the first book in Garrett Malachy's Unit 2nd EditionEbookInvestigation Bureau (GIB) series. I will also participate in the character talks, chat and Cover Wars.

2. What is your latest book or work, and where can we find it?

My latest work is Book 5 in the Garrett Investigation Bureau (GIB) series. It’s called Mascosta’s Dreamgirl. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple and many more online stores.

3. What drives you to write? Music, an interest in the human mind, is it cathartic for you?

My fingers drive me to write, as do my generally noisy characters, who seem to argue a lot at times. I have no idea where the plots or anything else comes from. I tend to do as I’m Mascosta eBooktold. Muse or pixie on my shoulder is what I like to think.

4. What’s your favorite book in the world? One you couldn’t imagine having lived your life without reading.

There are two books. Valley of Song by Elizabeth Goudge and The Chronicles of Narnia (series) by C S Lewis.

5. When will you be at the Awethors event on April 12? All day or at a certain time?

I’m about 18 hours ahead of the USA, so I will be there for as long as possible, though when it hits Monday here, I have a volunteer job to do.


Author Bio

Hi everyone! My name is Claire Plaisted. I live in Rotorua, New Zealand with my family and two cats. Rotorua is one of the main tourist stops for a cultural Maori experience with lots of things to do, be it walking, cycling, museums, spa days, etc.

I am an indie author with sidelines in genealogy where I research and format family history books for clients. I have also developed a business to help indie authors self-publish. I have published six books for clients so far.

Plaisted Publishing House will format your draft books into ebook and print format; along with this we will help you find an editor and book cover designer if they are needed. My main aim is to get as many indie authors published and online as possible with reasonable costs. After all, not everyone is computer savvy.

Back to me! I have published ten of my own books so far. Two are short stories and five are part of a series called Garrett Investigation Bureau. I have one erotic fantasy, one children’s mythical story and a contemporary romance under my pen name, Beth Bayley.

I started to write in 2012 quite by accident and ended up with a Regency historical novel, which still needs editing and publishing. From that time on, I have not stopped. My work has been a continual learning curve that includes designing websites and learning how to use Word more efficiently.

At present I am working on a war diary and attending college to help enhance my small business management skills.

Enjoy looking at my books. I will be updating and leaving teasers as I learn to use WordPress more efficiently.

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