Awethors Event: Interview with Sunshine Somerville

Our eighth awesome author in the countdown until the Get Down With The Awethors Facebook event on April 12 is Sunshine Somerville (how cool is her name?!). She’s going to have some fun competitions at the Awethors event with multiple chances to win her books.


1. What will you be sharing with the group on April 12 at the Get Down With The Awethors event? Free book giveaway, sneak peek, merchandise, holding a competition, discussion?

I plan to have an ongoing Q&A discussion about my books in The Kota Series. I’ll pick my favorite question, and that winner will receive free paperback copies of books 1-4 (the Kota Cover Bigwhole series).

I’ll also have a “What actor would best play this character?” competition where I’ll post drawn pictures of my characters, and my favorite four winners will receive free ebooks of book 1.

(Psst: ebook versions of books 2-4 will be free on Amazon all day)

2. What is your latest book or work, and where can we find it?

I just finished putting together an ebook box set for The Kota Series. That’s on pre-order right now for $4.99 and will release 12/18/2015 at:

3. What drives you to write? Music, an interest in the human mind, is it cathartic for you?

I’ve been writing The Kota Series since I was nine, so I’ve always had a lot of ideas in my head. I love creating anything, really, and world-building is my absolute favorite part of writing. I think, like most writers, there’s just so much in my head that I have to get it out there!

4. What’s your favorite book in the world? One you couldn’t imagine having lived your life without reading.

I can never pick a favorite! But The Chronicles of Narnia was definitely the first book I ever remember reading as a kid and thinking, “Aha! I want to make my own worlds,” so that series was pretty influential to my start as a writer.

5. When will you be at the Awethors event on April 12? All day or at a certain time?

I’ll definitely get my above-mentioned discussions/contests going by 8:00 a.m. EST. I plan to check every hour (at least) until midnight to keep things going. And of course I’m excited to interact with all the other authors (I hope to win book goodies for myself!), so you’ll probably see me around a lot all day.


Author Bio

Author PicSunshine Somerville lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She self-published her first book in college in 2004 and has been evolving The Kota Series since she was nine, basing the story on childhood fantasies derived from watching too much X-Men and Star Wars and reading too much Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time.

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