Quiver of the Pure Heart Released Today!

I’m happy and proud to introduce a new author whose work is sure to grab readers’ attention for her smart, relatable writing – Burnita Bluitt. Burnita creates characters and situations that are not only believable, but also engaging and engrossing. In her debut novel, Quiver of the Pure Heart, we find ourselves fighting the good fight with Blis Dumas on both emotional and moral levels while exploring the depths of friendship, love, and the difficult but oftentimes necessary need to let go. I highly recommend Quiver of the Pure Heart to anyone who enjoys a good read.


Granddaughter of a loving but roguish businessman, Blis Dumas can’t escape a legacy of lies. The year is 1989. The place is San Francisco, where painful stories of gentrification, eviction and relocation still echo within its limits. Clinging desperately to the Victorian home she inherited, she is confronted by a stranger who brings her a life filled with revenge, corruption, and murder. In an unparalleled twist of fate, she discovers that her predicament may have roots buried much closer to home.

Blis’ world starts to crumble as she fights the Bureau to save the home she adores; fights the temptation of an incorrigible former lover; and fights the perils threatening the tender passion of a new budding romance. QUIVER OF THE PURE HEART will appeal to readers who appreciate a social setting that illuminates the universal themes of desire, forgiveness, revenge, and letting go. 

San Francisco is one of the loves of Blis’ life, and like any love relationship, it is where her emotions will be tested, where romance will live and die, and where people are not always as they seem. Burnita Bluitt offers a spirited and passionate story of love and corruption in the city by the bay.


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quiver of the pure heart cover

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  1. Daisy says:

    How exciting! This book sounds so interesting. Best of luck, Burnita!

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