Book Launch: LGBTQ+ Science Fiction

Without Earth, Nel has nowhere left to run

Hot-tempered Dr. Nel Bently is not cut out to save the world. After her last project ended Heretics by V. S. Holmesin fire and death, Nel must put aside distrust of just about everyone and embark on a lo-fi search for a deadly radio transmission. Except Earth’s survivors are torn between the austere superpower of IDH and the high-tech, grassroots Los Pobledores.

More allies go missing at every turn, and Nel questions where her true loyalties lie—and on which side Lin will fall when a line is finally drawn. They need experts. They need firepower. But it looks like the only thing standing between Earth and devastation is Nel: archaeologist, asshole, and functioning alcoholic with anger issues.

ALIEN meets LARA CROFT in this queer, snarky science fiction adventure about where we came from, and where we’re going from International Bestselling author V. S. Holmes.

Grab it now to embark on the adventure!

Read the Stars Edge: Nel Bently Series

Queer archaeologists navigate a world of conspiracies, aliens, and foul language.

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Book Launch: Billionaire Romance Novel

Irish Billionaires is a spin-off of Sienna’s popular Irish Kiss series. Revisit moody and romantic Ireland with all their sexy broody men…

Ronan O’Hara
Playboy heir. Billionaire. Hot Mess.The Bet by Sienna Blake
He plays his part as the black sheep of the Dublin elite with aplomb.

Utterly bored with his gilded life, Ronan makes a bet with his friends that he can transform a mere waitress into a sophisticated member of the upper class.

His target?

Delaney Evans.
Sassy. Uncouth. A loud-mouthed American.

Ronan doesn’t realize he has more than his work cut out for him.

He didn’t count on the fireworks that would go off whenever they’d touch.
He didn’t count on her seeing right through his façade.
He didn’t count on falling for her…

Buy this enemies-to-lovers billionaire romance

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Book Launch: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Marnie Fawkner just wanted to escape the demands of adult children, job hunting and selling her house.That Summer in Nautilus Cove by Julie Holland

So when Marnie’s sister, Libby, asks her to mind her house and dog, Marnie jumps at the chance. Who would knock back a couple of easy weeks in Nautilus Cove, a popular coastal town in sunny Queensland? She never expected a simple favour would change her life.

When Libby delays her return, Marnie reluctantly steps in to manage Libby’s homewares store, Whimsy. What could possibly go wrong?

Marnie finds that Nautilus Cove is offering her more than just a temporary escape – an intriguing sculptor called Harry Mitchelton for a start. It is here, whilst tackling personal change, welcoming new friends and second-chance love, and embracing the chance to start over, that Marnie confronts what she needs to pack to pursue her own dreams.

That Summer in Nautilus Cove is a heart-warming sea change story of self-discovery. It may even prompt you to research coastal real estate.’

Read That Summer in Nautilus Cove

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Book Launch: Single-Dad Romantic Comedy

Joel “Longboard” Slater.
Internationally renowned pro-surfer.
Cocky. Talented. Heartbreaker.
And no, they don’t just call him “longboard” because that’s what he surfs.

Ladies and gentlemen…meet Sydney’s sexiest baby daddy. And my latest assignment.Riding His Longboard by Sienna Blake and Sarah Willows

Too bad he won’t give any interviews. None. Nada. Zip.

But when I get mistaken for his new nanny, it’s a chance to uncover the playboy’s big secret. Starting with…who (and where) the hell is the baby mama?

I’ll just have to pretend Joel isn’t the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in and out of the water—tanned muscular body, long hair bleached golden by the sun, and totally kissable, cocky-AF smirk that melts panties like ice-cream in summer.

I just have to ignore the way my heart clenches at the sight of baby Jackson laying on his bare firm chest—dear God, does this man even own a shirt?

I have to mute my ears to his sexy Australian accent that coos softly to his son one minute and whispers the dirtiest, filthiest promises into my ear the next.

Too bad he sees my cool, professional exterior as the ultimate challenge. Too bad he’s not stopping until he gets what he wants…

Me riding his, ahem…longboard.

Get the Wet Down Under series

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Book Launch: Historical Suspense Fiction

An ad in the newspaper. A Civil War veteran in need. An artist companion. One of these things is not what it seems.

Miss Grant’s sole purpose in life is to help Civil War veterans by painting portraits of themThe Artist by Christie Stratos to reveal the beautiful souls beneath their injuries. She has met many exceptional men through answering their newspaper advertisements for a companion.

But the latest veteran, the beautiful Mr. Markham, is strange. He has no debilitating injuries, simply a long, deep scar on his face—nothing more. His isolation from society and his demands to be treated as an invalid defy belief. Why does he choose to suffer when he could enjoy a fulfilling life?

Something else is wrong with Mr. Markham. And by the time Miss Grant figures it out, it may be too late to escape.

The Artist is a surprising Civil War-era suspense story that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

Read more of the Dark Victoriana Collection


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Book Launch: Romantic Suspense

What would you do to save the man you love? What if his biggest danger was you?

When green-eyed charmer John Beller breaks through the chaos of her life, offering all the Something So Beautiful by Lee Dawnafruits of lust and love, thirty-two-year-old Mary Williams desperately wants to partake. On the verge of a mental break where footsteps echo from empty rooms and constant phone calls have no one on the other end, she craves the peaceful embrace of John’s arms. His confident sphere is the one place she can forget about her weakening grasp of reality. But he’s a demanding stranger she’s only recently met, one whose entitlement of wealth makes him dig into all her secrets. And she has no intention of letting anyone find out about her paranoid delusions.

Convinced she can control her descent into madness, Mary’s plan crashes around her when an insane driver intentionally forces her car off the road. Left for dead at the bottom of a ravine, she wakes to find herself hospitalized, then forced into confinement to recover at John’s house. And in his house, it’s his rules. While police search for the driver who nearly killed her, one detective questions whether or not John is isolating Mary for her protection or using her insanity against her. She’s sure it’s the former, and John insists it is.

One thing is certain—her nightmares are real. And the more John kisses her, the closer the threat looms. He may protect her, but who will protect him?

Read Something So Beautiful by Lee Dawna

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Book Launch: Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Novel

Readers’ Favorite Recommended

Drug-addicted Mutilators possess a book of secrets that a master scholar needs to protect his people.

Vicious Skinweavers threaten to flay the pontiff’s abducted nephew.RangerKnights by W.G. Hladky

Inquisitors traumatize a princess’s mind, rendering her useless at the very moment she is negotiating an essential alliance.

Mysterious Sea People raid coastal settlements to increase their stock of slaves.

Only American RangerKnights, post-apocalyptic paladins, have the skills and weaponry to help.

The Andatunisian emir orders his inexperienced son, Prince Asem, to accompany the RangerKnights. Traveling in anti-gravity skimmers, they journey to the Mutilators’ deep winding caverns, a Jihadi-oppressed downtrodden town, the pontiff’s foreboding basilica, New Reykjavik’s colorful market and the Skinweavers’ mountaintop lair.

As Prince Asem grows accustomed to the American ways and closer to RangerKnight Lovell Weir and his close-knit warrior-companions, he is torn between his royal duty and his desire to become an American.

RangerKnights is an action-packed tale of survival, political intrigue, and cross-cultural love and friendship in a diverse post-apocalyptic world.

Check out the models of the RangerKnights’ main mode of transportation in this third book!

Read the full Book of Ruin series

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Book Launch: Psychological Suspense Thriller


A fear-induced split-second decision goes terribly wrong, altering the fate of three strangers.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Shae Wilmont, the adored celebrity host of IShop—a popular shopping site—is ready to reclaim her life. Her stalker has been caught. But en route to a party, a harrowing encounter lands her in the wrong place at the wrong time. She panics. And trusts her gut. It’s a devastating mistake.

Only one person knows where she ends up. It’s where no one can find her.

Shae’s stunned fans quickly galvanize to track her down. Following You by Eva Lesko NatielloYet the charismatic Shae they know, who delivers digital intimacy to viewers who’ll buy anything she sells, off camera is an enigma—private and strangely insecure—unable to let anyone get close. When startling personal secrets are exposed during the investigation, the paradox of Shae begins to unravel.

In this dark psychological suspense, the lives of three strangers collide irreversibly. Honey, a displaced Southern girl with a painful past, is fiercely protective of her friends at the expense of her own safety, derailing her new life in California. Creepy Lawrence, a Detective Bureau fast-tracker with a penchant for latex gloves and a perverse obsession with Shae. And Shae, with millions of fake friends but hardly a real one.

All three are hiding something, but only two of them are lying.

This suspenseful page-turner bares our assumptions of strangers. Who we believe without judgment and who we judge without believing. A story about privilege, family, identity, the need for belonging and the destruction caused by secrets.

How can you trust your instincts when they turn out to be wrong?

Following You is perfect for fans of Something She’s Not Telling Us and The Perfect Stranger.

Read Eva Lesko Natiello’s Books

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Book Launch: Urban Fantasy Series

The bank is a dud. The past is a joke. And the customer is always right. Until they’re not…

Jessica Northwood thought she could handle running Winthrop & Dirledge Security Banking. Turns out she doesn’t even have a handle on herself.The Cursed Fae by Kathrin Hutson

The bank has lost its mind, magicals hunt Jessica down to ask when she’ll open the Gateway, and both her criminal and personal pasts are catching up to her. In the worst way possible. Now she has to fix the bank and its serious attitude problem as the memories she paid someone to remove slowly seep back into her mind. Which was supposed to be impossible.

While her present unravels and the magical world prepares for the task Jessica has no idea how to complete, the fae Leandras returns to add to the chaos. In return for her help, he promises answers. But aiding and abetting another magical fugitive means Jessica must be the witch she swore she’d never be again. And this time, there’s no turning back.

Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper Chronicles meets The Magicians in this snarky, fast-paced Urban Fantasy Adventure from International Bestselling Author Kathrin Hutson.

Read the Accessory to Magic series

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Book Launch: Historical Suspense

#1 New Release on Amazon, top 30 bestselling short story “The Wrong House” by Christie Stratos is now LIVE on Amazon!

“The Wrong House was a great read! It’s full of suspense that left an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach.” —The Scary Reviews

“The simple way the MC finds himself in such serious danger, and the way it’s resolved, I absolutely loved it.” —Becca, Amazon reviewer

“What a great story! I knew it was going to be suspenseful but it really got me…” —Jessa Forest, author of The Slaughter Chronicles

“OMG I LOVED THIS STORY!! So well-written and suspenseful.” —Amber Sayge, reviewer

“Don’t let the doctor think you’re ill.”

A heavy nighttime blizzard forces Gerald Bitteson into the first building he finds, but the The Wrong House by Christie Stratosman he meets may be even colder than the storm he came in from. Gerald quickly finds out that Dr. C. L. Blood is no ordinary doctor, and the two have an ugly history even Blood himself doesn’t realize. But could this affable doctor really be the fraudster Gerald thinks? It may cost him his life to find out.

“It’s as I always say. Let each look out for himself.

This historical fiction short story is based on true events from the real Dr. Blood’s life. As a bonus, the back of the book includes historical research about the real Dr. Blood and his crimes.

Read the Dark Victoriana Collection

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