Book Launch: Active Shooter Training

Bad things happen, but you can be prepared when they do.

In the event of an active shooter, the first 10 minutes can decide whether you will live or 10 Minutes to Live by Michael Juliandie.

Security expert and professional speaker, Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, CPS shows how to stay A.L.I.V.E. in the event of an active shooter at your workplace, public event, house of worship, school, or other location.

Read about how the A.L.I.V.E. protocol can potentially save your life:

  • Assess
  • Leave
  • Impede
  • Violence
  • Expose

In 10 Minutes to Live, you will learn how you can use A.L.I.V.E. to help calm your mind and make a plan.

It involves learning how to access a situation as soon as the active shooter appears, as well as understanding the best ways to respond given your surroundings to increase your probability of survival, and what to do once the situation has ended.

Following this book and the A.L.I.V.E protocol can help you act more efficiently in a chaotic situation.

This book could literally save your life.

Buy the book in paperback or on Kindle

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Book Launch: Cozy Mystery

Olivia Greer is counting the days until her date with Michael Bellemare, when her sister, Deadly Admission by Bonnie HardySage, calls in a panic. As the principal of Lily Rock Music Academy, she meticulously planned the parent orientation weekend.

Then, an academic tutor is found dead.

While Officer Janis Jets investigates the case, Olivia is called in to coach the weekend headliners, the Tone Rangers and go undercover for the constabulary. With Michael, and her lovable labradoodle by her side, Olivia discovers clues that leave her questioning everyone from the faculty to the local law enforcement.

As accusations fly and rumors circle, can the trio expose the truth before the curtain rises? Or will someone see to it that the Tone Rangers final bow will be their last?

Read the Lily Rock Mystery series

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Book Launch: Political Nonfiction

What makes a good book?

For many people it’s a story of self-discovery where the protagonist overcomes obstacles inInspired by What's Right by Kelli Ward the face of great odds and turns misfortune into assets. And if it is true, it’s all the more captivating.

It is one thing to be inspired, it’s a whole other level to be inspired and then act.

This is your opportunity to learn the back story of a little girl who left the hills of West Virginia to become Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Arizona.

In Inspired by What’s Right, you will get the first-hand account of how Dr. Kelli Ward was inspired and then acted to take on the challenges that she felt stood in her way. You will have a front row seat to see how Kelli:

  • Navigated the challenges of medical school
  • Balanced marriage, motherhood, and a career in medicine
  • With no prior experience, ran for the Arizona State Senate and won
  • Took on the Republican establishment and instilled fear into John McCain
  • Caused a sitting U.S. Senator not to seek re-election
  • Became the second woman to chair the Republican Party of Arizona

Read Kelli’s debut nonfiction book

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Book Launch: Christian Urban Fantasy

What could be worse than death?

If you had until the next full moon to correct the mistakes of your life, could you do it?

Arnold Gantt is an affluent, well-dressed IT manager who has lived a self-centered lifeBetween Paradise and the Pit by E.W. Norwood valuing all the wrong things. On the dreaded day of May 20, Arnold dies and plummets into the Pit, the horrific realm of torment and flames.

When Danny, his angelic caseworker, saves Arnold from the Pit, he unknowingly travels back in time thirty days before his death. With only one month before his looming death date, he must spend every day attempting the nearly impossible task of redemption or else suffer for eternity in constant torture and agony.

Infuriated by Arnold’s escape, the diabolical caretaker of the Pit dispatches a team of adversaries to destroy Arnold’s chances of success. Will they succeed?

Make things right before time runs out.

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Book Launch: Romantic Women’s Fiction

Who is behind the Christmas Secret?

Excitement builds in Hope’s Ridge in the lead-up to Christmas as whispered A Hope's Ridge Secret by Silver McKenzieconversations, incorrect assumptions, and plenty of scheming keep the town buzzing. Who is the organizer, what is the connection to the uninhabited Lake House, and why does the instigator insist on remaining anonymous?

Becca Hamilton can’t answer any of these questions. New to Hope’s Ridge and hoping to keep her demons locked in the past, she’s yearning for the fresh start the new town and job offer her.

Local bar owner Isaak Trader also craves a fresh start. To have any chance at a relationship, he believes he needs to leave Hope’s Ridge and start again—until he meets Becca.

With the Christmas Secret whirling around them, the flame igniting Becca and Isaak’s instant attraction is quickly extinguished as her past comes back to haunt her. Becca will need to put her demons to bed and move forward for the pair to have any chance at love. But how can she do that when Isaak’s lifestyle represents her biggest fear?

It will take more than a Christmas miracle for these two to have any chance of a future together, but as the Christmas Secret builds momentum, anything is possible.

Read the whole Hope’s Ridge series

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Book Launch: Mystery Romance

Detective Colt Jessup seeks solace and a break from police work on a Caribbean Island while on administrative leave, following a police-involved shooting. But a criminal wants revenge and Jessup isn’t sure if he is the target or someone else.

Jessup’s snorkeling adventure turns dangerous when he takes on gunfire in the water. HeRelentless by Susan Mills Wilson isn’t sure if the bullets are meant for him or his friend Jax. Or could the target be the mysterious woman who swims alongside him?

Peyton Campbell shows up on the boat for a prepaid outing, part of a package deal for her honeymoon. She claims to be a newlywed, but she shows up without a husband and refuses to explain his absence. Colt believes she is harboring a dangerous secret. Jax ignores Colt’s warnings against becoming involved with her and quickly becomes a willing captive ensnared by her beauty and charm.

After another attempt on their lives, Colt joins forces with the local police to find the person responsible. Before they can unravel the mystery, someone is murdered on a sailboat. Was the killing deliberate or intended for one of them? Colt and the police must find the killer before another person ends up dead.

RELENTLESS is Book Two of the Colt Jessup series. It can be read as a standalone.

Read the Colt Jessup novels

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Book Launch: Paranormal Angel Romance

“On the rooftop of Heaven’s Gate, you said next time I need to do something ‘badly’, I do it with you or I don’t do it at all. This is something I need to do more than anything else. Will you help me? Please?”

“That was before you pushed me off the rooftop and pointed a gun at me.”

All Meghan May wants is her happily ever after, but until the war between the Fallen andAscended by Jaya Moon kin end, that will never be anything but a dream. She doesn’t want to live a life on the run. She can’t open herself up to love when dangers surround her; dangers that could take away those who have touched her heart. But will the key to unlocking her happiness destroy all hope of the one thing she desperately wants?

Has Meghan pushed Tallow, Mox, and Abriel too far?

Will trying to end the war cost her more than she wanted to lose, including her life?

Ascended is the third and final book in The Ascension of Meghan May series. It is a paranormal reverse harem #whychoose story intended for mature audiences (18+ years).

Read The Ascension of Meghan May series

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Short Story Launch: Zombie Apocalypse

On Jane’s sixteenth birthday, the world ended and the zombies took over.

Two years later, Jane’s mom, a beloved small town yoga teacher, lost her fight for survival.Namaste Apocalypse by Jessa Forest

Now, Jane tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and continue on in the apocalypse, just like her mother would have wanted her too. At least she has her mom’s favorite yoga studio to fall back on in times of stress… as long as the owner’s husband can keep his hands to himself.

And the door properly locked.

“Namaste Apocalypse” is a character-driven short story of life after the apocalypse.

Speculative E-Shorts is a growing series of science fiction and fantasy standalone short stories. The characters and themes are as varied as the speculative genre itself. These bite sized tales are perfect for enjoying on your lunch break or whenever you have a few extra minutes to escape reality.

Read Speculative E-Shorts

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Book Launch: Billionaire Romance Series

Return to moody Ireland and fall in love with its charming lads in this Irish Kiss spin-off series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Sienna Blake…

Kane McCabe.
Gruff broody Billionaire. Grieving son. Sole heir to the McCabe empire.The Fiance by Sienna Blake
They call him “The Iceman”.
But they don’t know how deep his feelings run.

When Kane orders a bride, it should be like one of his business deals. Simple. Uncomplicated. Easy…

Elizabeth “Izzy” Montgomery isn’t what he expected.
Sassy. Intelligent. Opinionated. Exactly what he needs to feel alive again.

This could be the love story of the century if they let it.
That is, until Kane’s charming yet frivolous younger brother is determined to have Izzy for himself.

Can Izzy thaw the Iceman? Or will Aedan’s charm be the final wedge in this marriage?

Read the Irish Billionaires series

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Book Launch: Wholesome Romance

To what lengths would you go to hide the truth? What if the secrets you’re keeping aren’t the truth at all?

Avery Kingwood’s marriage crashed and burned…on his honeymoon. After finding out his Now and Always by Lee Dawnawife Cassie’s devastating truth, she forces him to sign a separation agreement—more like a gag order. Unable to say what happened to his marriage, Cassie expertly manipulates Avery’s entire family against him. All he’s got left is his father’s business, but even that tie to his family is troubled.

Broken, Avery unexpectedly finds something that gives his life renewed meaning and hope: Sheila Beller. Perfect, well-respected, charming—and untouchable. She wants nothing to do with divorced men and he’s worse than divorced, he’s married, so half his life must remain a secret. Unless he can figure out a way to get a divorce without Cassie taking him for every dime he’s worth, and do it while convincing Sheila he is a man she can count on.

Cassie’s out for blood, and Avery’s only hope for love is slipping farther away by the second. One thing is certain—the Bellers and the Kingwoods will clash as unfathomable truths threaten to rip Avery and Sheila apart.

Deceit runs deep in this suspenseful romance!

Read the Beller Ties series

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