Book Launch: Can a sprig of thyme and a retirement community help solve murders?

In between jobs, Olivia Greer is helping residents of the Hello Age retirement communityA Thymely Death by Bonnie Hardy on to their bus when one of their own is found dead. Murdered in the herb garden, a sprig of thyme is clutched tight in his cold, lifeless hand. Worse yet, Olivia’s former student, Raleigh Ulrich, is suspected of the crime.

Now, Olivia is on the case and determined to clear Raleigh’s name. Unfortunately, focusing will be difficult.

A trapped squirrel terrorizing her car.
Her phone mysteriously dropping calls.
It seems someone or something is sabotaging her investigation.

As residents come forward with shocking revelations, Olivia begins to fear something nefarious is happening at Hello Age. With hunky architect Michael Bellemare can they uncover the truth before Thyme runs out?

The laughs and intrigue continue in A Thymely Death, the fourth book in the Lily Rock Mystery series!

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