Book Launch: Children’s Fantasy Book

Action, adventure, magic—everything kids love in one brand new children’s fantasy book series! New York Times bestselling author Ben G. Greenfield introduces his World Leapers series with The Forest, a riveting novel that features everything fantasy booklovers crave. Children’s fantasy books have never been this easy to appreciate at any age, so dive into this series headfirst!

A magical world with classic fantasy elements

Upon stepping into a dark shed in the middle of the forest, twin brothers River and Terran are transported to a remote prison island in the magical world of Arbore—a world The Forest by Ben G. Greenfieldcrawling with strong magic, hidden snares, and rogue creatures. Using their powers to control the elements of water and earth, the boys must escape the mysterious island inhabitants and discover their way to the mainland. But if they make it off the island, what dangers await on the mainland?

River and Terran face the ultimate test: to save this otherworld—and each other. With the help of the seafarers, elves, warrior princesses, healers, and Magisters they meet along the way, our heroes endure a riveting adventure of harsh wilderness, epic battles, tangled romances, elemental sciences, spiritual encounters, and hardcore survival. Like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of NarniaNew York Times bestselling author Ben G. Greenfield’s World Leapers series is sure to entertain fantasy fans of all ages.

Arbore World Leapers map

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