Book Launch: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Marnie Fawkner just wanted to escape the demands of adult children, job hunting and selling her house.That Summer in Nautilus Cove by Julie Holland

So when Marnie’s sister, Libby, asks her to mind her house and dog, Marnie jumps at the chance. Who would knock back a couple of easy weeks in Nautilus Cove, a popular coastal town in sunny Queensland? She never expected a simple favour would change her life.

When Libby delays her return, Marnie reluctantly steps in to manage Libby’s homewares store, Whimsy. What could possibly go wrong?

Marnie finds that Nautilus Cove is offering her more than just a temporary escape – an intriguing sculptor called Harry Mitchelton for a start. It is here, whilst tackling personal change, welcoming new friends and second-chance love, and embracing the chance to start over, that Marnie confronts what she needs to pack to pursue her own dreams.

That Summer in Nautilus Cove is a heart-warming sea change story of self-discovery. It may even prompt you to research coastal real estate.’

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