Book Launch: Danger lurks in every corner of space when hocking crappy merchandise

Saving an alien planet is nothing compared to meeting your sales quota.

Untrained tag-along, Marcus Aimond, aboard humanity’s first intergalactic exploratory Space Holes by B. R. Louiscommerce vessel has a singular mission: sell off-brand misprinted merchandise.

When the rookie and his crew encounter the Nerelkor, a frog-like civilization, he is thrust head-first into an alien civil war. The opposing factions, Rejault and Dinasc, are stuck in an ill-fated feud driven by deep-rooted ineptitude. To avoid the planet’s total annihilation and establish a local sales office, Aimond and the crew must survive arena combat, reshape the very structure of the planet, establish world peace, and stay alive—for the sake of positive branding, of course.

Read B. R. Louis’s Space Holes

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