Book Launch: Dark Fantasy Horror Book

It’s Friday the 13th, and we’ve got the perfect read for such a day! A. F. Stewart has just released her latest anthology, Visions and Nightmares, and we’re having a hard time picking a favorite dark fantasy short story or horror indulgence from it. Included are stories from a darker side of Wonderland (our personal favorite), the truth behind a mirror (or in it), a very original take on paranormal shifters, a twist on a classic mythological creature, and lots more creepy, dark, and evil stories. So tuck yourself in on this Friday the 13th, turn out the lights, light a candle, and get ready for chills!

Tragedy spares no one…and takes no prisoners.

In the twilight shadows, secrets are revealed past the whispers of madness.

  • Wander into the realm of the old gods with Elenora, where humanity and marriage are a Visions and Nightmares by A. F. Stewartprison.
  • Step through a looking glass of dark horrors with an Alice you never knew.
  • Join with Zenna to seek the truth as her death by magic grows closer.
  • Journey with Olivia as she crosses paths with a monster of the forest and runs for her life.
  • Watch Isobel summon the faerie to solve her problem of an unwanted husband.
  • Shiver as Doctor Killbride experiments with corpses to create life from death.

All that and more await within the pages.

Ten stories. Ten women. Who will survive? Who will fall? And who will succumb to their inner evil?

Warning: This book contains disturbing scenes that may be upsetting to some readers.

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