Book Launch: Enemies-To-Lovers Romantic Comedy

This sassy romance duo have teamed up to bring you a sexy, fun and hilarious new series. You’ll love these hot-as-sin Billionaires.

Heath Sutherland.
Hot Aussie surfer. Entrepreneur. Billionaire.Maid for You by Sienna Blake and Sarah Willows
To top it off, he volunteers as a surf lifesaver.
He wasn’t always such a stud.

On a beach patrol, Heath rescues Emma Hayes, his stuck-up high-school nemesis. He wishes he left her (sexy) ass in the surf.

But when she wakes up with amnesia, Heath decides revenge is a dish best served cold.

He brings her back to his mansion, convinces her she is his live-in maid… and sets about making her do the most disgusting and dirty tasks imaginable.

He didn’t count on his plan backfiring.
He didn’t count on the caring, sassy woman she’s become.
He didn’t count on falling for her.

Enjoy the Billionaires Down Under series

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