Book Launch: Historical Suspense

#1 New Release on Amazon, top 30 bestselling short story “The Wrong House” by Christie Stratos is now LIVE on Amazon!

“The Wrong House was a great read! It’s full of suspense that left an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach.” —The Scary Reviews

“The simple way the MC finds himself in such serious danger, and the way it’s resolved, I absolutely loved it.” —Becca, Amazon reviewer

“What a great story! I knew it was going to be suspenseful but it really got me…” —Jessa Forest, author of The Slaughter Chronicles

“OMG I LOVED THIS STORY!! So well-written and suspenseful.” —Amber Sayge, reviewer

“Don’t let the doctor think you’re ill.”

A heavy nighttime blizzard forces Gerald Bitteson into the first building he finds, but the The Wrong House by Christie Stratosman he meets may be even colder than the storm he came in from. Gerald quickly finds out that Dr. C. L. Blood is no ordinary doctor, and the two have an ugly history even Blood himself doesn’t realize. But could this affable doctor really be the fraudster Gerald thinks? It may cost him his life to find out.

“It’s as I always say. Let each look out for himself.

This historical fiction short story is based on true events from the real Dr. Blood’s life. As a bonus, the back of the book includes historical research about the real Dr. Blood and his crimes.

Read the Dark Victoriana Collection

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