Book Launch: How to Become an Entrepreneur and Grow Your Business

Your vision is strong.

The business idea you have planned for years is now becoming a reality.Entrepreneurship 101 Paul G. Brodie

How do you solve the anxiety of “What’s next?”

Creating a business is hard, but once it’s done, the idea of marketing it can be daunting. Having a road map can make all the difference.

20-time bestselling author Paul Brodie, CEO of Brodie Consulting Group, knows what to teach you because he’s done it all before.

This book makes learning how to build your business a joy.

You’ll master:

● Your Core Offer
● How to Create a Simple Funnel to Market Your Services
● Expert Positioning
● Working Smart vs Working Hard
● Creating a Strong Virtual Presence
● Protecting Your Assets
● How to Defeat Shiny Object Syndrome
● And much more…

From building your business to keeping your audience engaged, you’ll develop the confidence to create the brand and income that will change your life.

Are you ready to start?

You’ll love this concise and thorough collection of ideas, because once you know the secrets to building your own business, you’ll be able to grow your business with confidence.

Get it now.

Grab these bonuses when you download this book!

• BONUS: Complimentary eBook
• BONUS: Complimentary Strategy Session Invitation

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