Book Launch: Science Fiction Short Story

Don’t drop your Resonator. Don’t let your client die. In that order.

Echo’s job is simple: travel instantaneously across universes, attend to the customer whoseEcho by Jessa Forest health is in jeopardy (or not), and go home. That’s what the Company wants, and if Echo’s faithful prayers to the Corporate Gods have anything to do with it, that’s what they’ll get.

After all, that’s what customers pay for when they buy a RealEverywhere vacation package—the chance to travel to any universe and do whatever they want, including killing their alternate selves. That’s always fun, right?

It’s a good thing Echo just renewed her life insurance policy, because by the time she reaches her customer’s universe, he’s missing. Something very strange has happened, and after all Echo has seen in her lifetime as an Emergency Medical Technician, that’s something to fear.

“Echo” is a fast-paced corporate sci-fi adventure that combines notes of dark humor with all too possible futuristic concepts.

Speculative E-Shorts is a growing series of science fiction and fantasy standalone short stories by Jessa Forest. The characters and themes are as varied as the speculative genre itself. These bite sized tales are perfect for enjoying on your lunch break or whenever you want to escape reality for a few minutes.

Grab this first book in the Speculative E-Shorts series

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