Book Launch: She’s risking her dream of joining the FBI for four gorgeous criminals

Stalker ex? ✔ Four hot roommates? ✔ An illegal secret? ✔✔✔✔✔

I, Clara McElroy, always have a handle on things. List it out, check it off, and tally every win as a step toward joining the FBI. Then my perfect life explodes.

Now I’m living with four gorgeous guys I’ve never met while scrambling to make ends Brazen Criminals Maisie Kanemeet, and my perfect life is farther out of reach than ever.

Only my roommates Jansen, Walker, RJ, and Trips aren’t your typical undergrads. They’ve got the kind of secrets that can land you in federal prison. A thief, a forger, a hacker, and a bookie shouldn’t have a d*mn thing to do with a girl slated to put them behind bars. And I should run in the opposite direction if I know what’s good for my future.

But my ex isn’t taking our sudden breakup well. And these criminals are my refuge, keeping me safe and sane while the rest of my life spirals out of control.

When my ex gets dangerous, can I count on these guys to help? Or would relying on them destroy the last piece of my perfectly planned life?

Brazen Criminals is book one of the Brazen Boys series: a slow-burn, dark, forced proximity, new adult, heist romance series. Expect excessive longing, explicit content, more than one lover, and lots of broken laws. If you have content concerns, please visit Maisie’s website for additional information prior to reading.

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