Book Launch: Sweet Small Town Romance

Fall is on its way, and that’s the perfect time for a cozy sweet romance in a beautiful small town. Beyond Hope’s Ridge is the second book of the Hope’s Ridge Small Town series, which can be read as a standalone or as part of the series, and is filled with realistic characters who make mistakes while trying to do what’s right. And still, dreams come true, romances ignite, and friendships are forged in this sweet romance series you don’t want to miss. Silver McKenzie is a talented romance novel author to watch!

When dark memories haunt you, is it possible to move forward with an open heart?

Twelve months ago, an accident destroyed Steph Jones’s easy-going outlook. Plagued withBeyond Hope's Ridge by Silver McKenzie the horror and memories of that day, Steph is unable to forget and unable to forgive herself.

In the nearby town of Drayson’s Landing, one man has the ability to help Steph move on. Only, he’s hurting more than she is.

Can Steph muster the courage to leave the comfort of Hope’s Ridge, face the nightmare of her past, and confront the man she’s been avoiding for the last year?

Beyond Hope’s Ridge is the second book in the Hope’s Ridge Small Town Series.

Read the Hope’s Ridge series by Silver McKenzie

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