Book Launch: When there is no one left to turn to, revenge is the only answer

Some of us die long before our hearts stop beating.

Tessa believes she’s the reason a serial killer is targeting the residents of her small town. Allof Hinton’s victims have some connection to her and if that’s not enough, her cousin Smother by Lee DawnaGary, leader of the local charter of the notorious Leidolf biker club, has assigned the man she hates most to be her bodyguard—her ex-boyfriend, Warren.

Adding to the tension of the already stressed town is the presence of a rival bike charter. They may be in town to help root out the killer before the next gruesome murder, but values are clashing and control of Hinton’s club is at stake. No one can be trusted. A charter war is on the horizon and it will only take an ember to set it ablaze.

Gary’s right-hand man, the sadistic Chopper, has a close relationship with Tessa that makes him more protective of her than ever. When he metes out brutal revenge on her behalf in front of the entire town and media, the spark of war is lit. But it’s Tessa’s own explosive secrets that are the catalyst that blows everything up, setting in motion a deadly blaze of events no one is prepared for.

Broken trust, shocking betrayals, and volatile secrets rock the Hinton charter as their small town is brought to its knees.

When there is no one left to turn to, revenge is the only answer.

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