Book Launch: YA LGBTQ Romance

Jordon Greene‘s second YA LGBTQ romance book is here! Watching for Comets explores the difference between a teen whose family won’t accept his sexuality and another teen whose family is the exact opposite. With totally different backgrounds, Tyler and Aidan deal with the loss of classmate Brayden in opposite ways, and Tyler refuses to let Aidan in as a friend. But what happens when they find each other their best support system?

His heart is lost in the stars

TYLER: Life sucks. There′s no point in acting like it doesn′t.

Why else would it make me gay, give me a family that hates who I am, throw me in a town Watching for Comets by Jordon Greenethat would rather “my kind” be shipped off, and then decide my boyfriend had to die? Or maybe that last one was my fault… The point is that life sucks. Everything about it sucks.

Oh yeah, and now I′m stuck venting about it all to my archnemesis, Aidan.

AIDAN: You know what? Life hurts sometimes.

It does right now. I miss my friend, and I don′t understand why he had to die. But there′s a part of me that knows he′s looking down from the stars right now, and he wants me to smile again. It might be fake at the moment, but it′s something. The crazy part is I never imagined Tyler would talk to me again, but here I am trying to help him through the same hurt I′m feeling.

I just wish I knew why he hates me so much.

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