Short Story Launch: Zombie Apocalypse

On Jane’s sixteenth birthday, the world ended and the zombies took over.

Two years later, Jane’s mom, a beloved small town yoga teacher, lost her fight for survival.Namaste Apocalypse by Jessa Forest

Now, Jane tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and continue on in the apocalypse, just like her mother would have wanted her too. At least she has her mom’s favorite yoga studio to fall back on in times of stress… as long as the owner’s husband can keep his hands to himself.

And the door properly locked.

“Namaste Apocalypse” is a character-driven short story of life after the apocalypse.

Speculative E-Shorts is a growing series of science fiction and fantasy standalone short stories. The characters and themes are as varied as the speculative genre itself. These bite sized tales are perfect for enjoying on your lunch break or whenever you have a few extra minutes to escape reality.

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