NEW AUDIOBOOK: Reverse-Harem Biker Romance

Sienna Blake‘s second Quick & Dirty novel is out on audiobook! Listen to My Irish Kings in the car, listen while you clean the house, listen with a glass of wine on a Friday night—you won’t be able to wait too long between listens. These books are fast-paced and sexy!

Sienna’s Quick & Dirty series consists of standalone novels which are hotter, dirtier and quicker than her other novels.

We will protect her…at all costs.

Ireland’s most ruthless gang leader is forcing me to marry him. I escape to the only place I can be safe—home of my captor’s biggest rival, the Irish Kings.My Irish Kings audiobook by Sienna Blake

There’s X, the living weapon with a haunted past. He won’t touch anyone. Except me.

Jace, the teddy bear with a warrior’s heart. His melodic Irish brogue is a balm to my soul.

And Magnar King, their intimidating leader. Whose eyes flare with hunger when I’m near, yet backs away like I’ve burned him when we touch. He doesn’t remember me. But I remember him.

They’re all so different. But they all make me feel safe. They awaken needs in me—strange needs.

I want all of them.

I just might need all of them to heal.

And when my ex comes hunting for me, they will protect me at all costs…

This is a smoking hot yet emotional reverse-harem romance, a full-length, SAFE, standalone novel. Three sexy Irish brothers-in-arms who aren’t afraid to share and take their special woman to the ends of her pleasure.

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