Black Friday Amazon Deals for Writers and Readers

Start your holiday shopping in your PJs! Grab fantastic deals from Amazon that will save you money to buy more gifts, whether they’re for family, friends, or yourself.

All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet

Down to $50 from $80! Read books, watch TV, listen to music, scroll through Facebook, and more with this tablet’s 8-inch HD display. It’s got 6 GB of memory, plus it’s the latest at the lowest price. Grab it before it’s gone!

Emily Windsnap: Six Swishy Tails of Land and Sea by Liz Kessler

This six paperback boxed set is priced at $19.10 for Black Friday, but it’s normally $34.99. What a great deal for paperbacks! Intended for ages 8-12 (middle grade), this series based around mermaids and even includes a bonus twelve-page friendship booklet. You aren’t going to find a better opportunity to buy these books!

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I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll: Amazon Charts Bestselling Psychological Thriller

Remember the TV show What Would You Do? In this suspense thriller by Teresa Driscoll, the question is, what would it take to make you intervene? For only $7.98 instead of the regular price of $15.95, why not find out?

Ella Longfield saw two teenage girls on a train being hit on by two young men, and she does nothing to interfere. A day later, one of the girls is missing. A year later, not only is Ella suffering from terrible guilt, but she’s started receiving threatening messages. And as it turns out, the missing girl’s family has quite a lot of secrets.

Buy this thrilling paperback novel.

The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King: Debut Fantasy Novel with 4.5 Stars & 2,152 Reviews

The first of four books in the Hundredth Queen series, see how you like it before you take the plunge with the price of just $5 for this paperback instead of the everyday $9.99 price.

When Kalinda, an eighteen-year-old orphan, is ordered to fight for a place among Rajah Terek’s ninety-nine wives. Constantly beset by fevers, she must now journey across the desert for something she never wanted in the first place. Will she be able to escape her fate using an old, forbidden power?

Find out what happens next and buy it now.

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