Fantasy Writers: 22 Magazines for Your Story Submissions

If you’re a fantasy writer looking to submit short stories to magazines, you knowwriter how time consuming and frustrating it can be searching online for the right fit, spending precious time clicking and clicking when you’d rather be writing and submitting.

We’re going to step in and be your VA (virtual assistant) by compiling a list of magazines that accept fantasy stories. You just keep on writing great stuff.

Most magazines close to submissions temporarily when they have enough pieces for their next edition, but keep checking back to see when they open up again so you can submit early. And if you know of any other places where fantasy writers can submit, share the wealth and let us know about them in the comments!

Open magazines as of February 2017:

Phantaxis (fantasy, sci fi)

Albedo One and Albedo 2.0 (fantasy, sci fi, horror)

Leading Edge Magazine (fantasy, sci fi, more)

Fantasy Scroll Mag (fantasy, sci fi)

Crossed Genres (science fiction, fantasy)

Black Denim Lit (general, sci fi, fantasy)

Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazinemagazines

Lightspeed (sci fi, fantasy)

Apex Magazine (sci fi, fantasy, horror)

Beneath Ceaseless Skies (literary adventure fantasy stories)

Alice Unbound (speculative elements in fantasy, horror, steampunk, more)

Strange Horizons (speculative fiction including fantasy)

Clarkesworld (fantasy, sci fi)

Flame Tree Publishing (fantasy, horror, more, specifics change by issue)

Daily Science Fiction (fantasy, sci fi, slipstream)

Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show (sci fi, fantasy)

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (fantasy, sci fi, horror)

Abyss & Apex (dark fantasy, science fantasy, slipstream, urban fantasy and more)

Pseudopod (supernatural dark fantasy and more)

Cast of Wonders (YA hard fantasy, sci fi)

Deep Magic (clean fantasy and sci fi)

Liminal Stories (all genres, especially soft sci fi, magical realism, weird fiction)

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