Magazines for Writers of Children and Teen Stories

If you write books for children and teens and you’d like to get an agent or be traditionally published, consider writing for children and teen magazines. Publishing houses and agents are more likely to consider your book if you’ve got some genre-appropriate publication history behind you – and most magazines pay, so it’s a win-win for authors!magazine-806073_1920

These magazines accept a variety of work, including fiction, poetry and nonfiction, so most likely you’ll find a niche for your writing. Many popular traditionally published authors have gotten their start writing for magazines.

The website Authors Publish has just released its latest list of 23 magazines that are looking for writing aimed at children and teens. Take a look, and submit your best, most polished pieces. Remember that grammatical errors, typos, misspellings, poor punctuation and the like can ruin your chances of acceptance, so feel free to contact us to edit or proofread your work so it shines!

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