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The popular TV show Scandal is nothing compared to Dahlia Savage’s new book, Indiscretion. Just published today, Indiscretion is Dahlia’s premier novella, and what a dramatic, absorbing piece of fiction it is! I read this in just a couple of hours – and then reread it more than once. Once you start this book, you just won’t be able to stop.

Without further ado, meet Dahlia Savage, suspense and drama extraordinaire.


Is this your first book? How long did it take you to plan it before you began writing it?

Yes, Indiscretion will be my first published book. Key word being published! The story didn’t take long to plan out; it was originally the result of a writing prompt from a creative writing professor. When we received the assignment, it took me a few weeks to plot out what I wanted to do with it.

Did you plan on writing a novella, or did the book just come to you in that form?

The first version I did for my creative writing class was a two-page short story. However, from the moment I wrote the two-page version, I wanted it to be longer and I knew I had enough of a storyline to make it a novella.

Do you mostly write in this particular genre or do you dabble in other genres? If so, which ones?

I think I’m a mash-up of genres. I enjoy writing light-hearted, fun stories that would fall into chick lit, but I also enjoy the more dramatic fiction of this story. I recently had another idea that was a bit more suspenseful, so I’m interested to see where that one goes when I do sit down to write it. However, regardless of the genre, at the core of every story I write, is the relationship. That relationship can be romantic (or friends with benefits, whatever floats the character’s boat), friendship, siblings, parent/child, or even the relationship with self. It all comes down to the relationship.

What do you think makes your work stand apart from other works in your genre?

That’s a really good question. I would say it’s the dialogue. Though I’ve learned to be mindful to not rely so much on dialogue, I feel that what the characters are saying and thinking is what drives the story forward.

Are any of the characters in your book based on people you know or have seen/talked to in real life? 

Nope. Believe it or not, all the characters in this story are the result of my overactive and twisted imagination.

Do your friends and family know you’re a writer? Were they surprised when you told them?

My family knows that I’m a writer, however only my closest friends knew, and I purposely did that because I wanted to have a finished product before I made any announcements. Now that Indiscretion is done, I’ve shared it with my extended friends, family, and network.

What inspires you to write? Music? Other books? Real life events? Just an incredible imagination?

All of the above. I may hear a song lyric, a random one-liner during a conversation, or recall a recent event, and from there, the imagination takes off. My imagination is definitely overactive and just a tad bit twisted.

Are you part of any writers’ groups? If so, what do you like about them? How do they help you or inspire you? If not, why not?

I’m not part of any face-to-face writers’ groups at the moment. I have recently started navigating through Goodreads and the various groups on that site. From what I’ve seen so far, they could most definitely be helpful to any author. I’ve also been participating in the monthly Insecure Writers Support Group ( I love how other writers are so supportive of each other and how we all basically have the same challenges when it comes to our writing and balancing our craft with the other moving parts of our lives.

Do you plan your writing out with outlines, character development exercises, and other pre-writing activities? Or do you just write as it comes to you?

When I write, I do create a basic outline as I always have an ending in mind, but once I get started, I’ve learned to be flexible to deviate from the outline if it’s better for the story. Basically, my characters take over and I just go with it.

Do you read the kinds of books you like to write? Do you watch movies similar to or the same genre as your writing?

Yes and yes! I love humor and chick lit. I also enjoy drama as long as it’s not too over the top. Some of my favorite movies are Beaches, Steel Magnolias, and Coming to America.

If you could write anywhere in the world – in a fictional or non-fiction place, where would you write?

When it comes to getting into a peaceful space in order to write, I would say anywhere that has a beach. I’ve lived in Florida for almost six years, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve come to really appreciate and enjoy the serenity of the beach, especially early in the morning.


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    Christie, your introduction makes me really want to read this book! And I can personally relate to a lot of Dahlia’s answers, so between the two, this book is now on my reading list. Thanks for bringing yet another new author to our attention! 🙂

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