The Glass Heart Girl, Britain’s Next Bestseller

Introduction by Proof Positive Editor Morgan Marsicano

Readers, look out! The up-and-coming author Michelle Diana Lowe is back with a new novel and is set to publish it with Britain’s Next Bestseller! However, in order to do so, she needs your help and support. For those of you who don’t know Michelle, she is a bright, spirited and caring individual whose writing speaks volumes for who she is. Through her craft, she allows us to feel for the characters in her novels and to provide hope for those who struggle with the same issues as her characters. The Glass Heart Girl is such a creation, as it tells the story of a girl who endured gender-based violence and is learning to love herself and to know what it means to be truly loved by someone else instead of enduring abuse and misuse at the hands of a man. Michelle gives a voice to the hurting woman, a voice that needs to be heard in a world increasingly riddled with pain. I think it would be fantastic for such a book to be read by those out there who are unfamiliar with how an abused individual suffers internally and how her struggle affects her ability to move forward with her life, and it’s also a great story about empowerment and love.

To help Michelle get her book into the hands of readers, however, she needs at least 250 readers to pre-order a copy of her book. So read on to hear more from Michelle about herself, why her book is great, and how you can go about getting yourself a copy!



My name is Michelle Diana Lowe. I was born in East London and I’ve lived there most of my life. It’s amazing to live in a vibrant part of the city that is so alive and never sleeps. Writing has always been my passion, and I’ve had a strong desire to write since the age of six. Words excite me and move me, and writing makes me feel complete.

After graduating from Roehampton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with Philosophy, my literary voice developed, and I finally started seeing a unique style in my writing. My literary career took a real turn for the better in January 2014, when my novel, Heaven Calls For An Angel, was discovered and published by a digital publisher. Writing this book proved to be an emotional task, since I wrote it as a tribute to a dear friend who sadly passed away the previous year.

Since January, I have met so many wonderful people online, including writers, readers, editors, bloggers, artists, music artists, and more with whom I have shared experiences, and many of them have helped me greatly. I have also grown so much as a writer this year, and I am so blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to share my work with others.

I currently raise money for good causes and support a number of charities, one of which is The Women and Girls Network, an organisation that provides life-changing services and support for female victims of domestic and gender-based violence.


The book tells the riveting story of Alena Pavlis, a beautiful 20-year-old woman, who is trying to rebuild her life and heal old wounds after being abused as a child. She goes to the University of Leicester and during Freshers’ Week meets the love of her life, the gorgeous Phillip Gregson. Although Phillip and Alena share a wonderful kind of love, a love she’s never felt before, she is at risk of losing herself as well as this special relationship, because THE GLASS HEART GIRL EBOOK COVERshe cannot let go of her past and is haunted by the dark memories of the abuse she suffered. Psychologically trapped by her childhood abuser and plagued by the demons that almost claimed her life, Alena must find a way to move on and embrace Phillip’s love, before it is too late. Can she banish the ghosts of yesterday and enjoy a future with the man she loves? Or will the spirits of the past devour her?

This is a powerful story of a woman’s courage, bravery and determination to overcome a distressing childhood and welcome a new life with the man she loves.


The Glass Heart Girl gives a voice to underrepresented groups in society, but most of all, it gives a voice to women who have experienced gender-based violence. With its message of hope, this moving novel aims to help these women find their way onto the road of recovery. Working as an administrator in a children’s centre has really helped me to understand what these women are going through. Coping with the mental and physical scars of such violence can be an uphill struggle for these women. Quite often I come into contact with vulnerable females, just like my protagonist Alena, who have suffered trauma as a result of gender-based violence. I support these women by referring them to counselling and other appropriate services and by helping them to deal with their issues and raw emotions. In time, many of these women can heal and move forward with their lives.

I feel honoured and privileged to have the BNBS platform to raise awareness of these sensitive women’s issues and I am happy that I can show people how special and brave these women truly are with the power of words.

The setting of The Glass Heart Girl is also very significant. It is set in the University of Leicester—Alena, Phillip and Becca live in the Botanic Gardens at the University, a location that represents a sanctuary with the power to restore Alena’s faith in life and love.

The Glass Heart Girl is one of the most significant women’s fiction books written in today’s society, as it gives a voice to women, especially young women, who have experienced gender violence. The book aims to empower these women and help them move on with their lives. The main characters are in their early twenties—the story is set at the University of Leicester and is told with a fresh honest voice, in a way that is relatable to readers.


I have signed a Pre-Publishing Agreement with Britain’s Next Bestseller (BNBS) for my ground-breaking women’s fiction book, The Glass Heart Girl.

BNBS is a new and exciting imprint which launched in March 2014 and was founded by UK Publisher Live It Publishing. They select a handful of authors (less than 30) out of thousands every two to four months. The authors they select have written a novel which they believe has the potential to be a bestseller. BNBS gives their signed authors a great online platform to promote their books between eight and twelve weeks (timescale chosen by the author), and the author is encouraged to gain reader support within that set period to secure the publishing deal. If the target is not received with the allocated time, the author will not secure the deal.

My pre-order target is 250. This means once 250 or more readers order a copy of The Glass Heart Girl within a ten-week period, I win the publishing deal. My pre-order page will be live between September 19 and November 28 on my publisher’s website, So, I would really appreciate your help and support to make my dream a reality and to get a very important book in print and made available in bookstores and in the wider community.

To pre-order The Glass Heart Girl is £8.99 plus £2.99 postage and packaging. Postage and packaging costs for orders from outside the UK are slightly higher. Please note that if I reach my target, I will get the publishing deal and you will get your paperback copy of my book two weeks before it hits the bookstores. Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you pre-order and I don’t reach my target by the 28th of November, you will not get charged a penny, but unfortunately you will also not receive my book. So please pre-order my book and help The Glass Heart Girl make it to print and into the bookshops! Those who pre-order also will receive their copy with their name written inside every copy ordered as a thank you for purchasing the book as well as receive access to lots of competitions, prizes and author goodies. So what are you waiting for?


**To pre-order the book beginning on Friday, September 19, or to find out more information about BNBS, please visit their website – **

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