Which Book Challenge is Which?

Ever wish you read more in a year than you do? Ever wish your reading list was more diversified? Look no further, book challenges are the thing this year. Never have we seen so many book challenges of different types or so many readers participating.

Here are some great ones to join:

Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge

This is an extremely diverse list that will have you reading all over the world, all genres, and even some different age ranges. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, this is the book challenge for you. 24 challenges included.

Popsugar’s Reading Challenge 2015

This challenge will get you well read in no time. You’ll read something from every category you can think of. It’s not as culturally diverse as Book Riot’s challenge, but it concentrates heavily on book settings, plots, and conversation pieces. You’ll have lots to talk about with your friends. 50 challenges included.

Goodreads’ Yearly Challenge

Every year, you can challenge yourself on Goodreads to read a certain number of books in 365 days. You can pick 20, you can pick 200, but the great thing is that it measures your progress for you. If you have an account, just enter the number of books you’d like to read throughout the year. Every time you finish a book you’re reading and enter the info into Goodreads as usual (you don’t have to do anything special, just make it as read), your count for the year will increase automatically. It plans how many books you should read per week/month/whatever makes sense for your chosen number and tells you if you’re on track or behind schedule. What kinds of books you choose to read is up to you.

Bingo Challenges

There are Bingo book challenges all over the Internet. Goodreads groups have them and so do many book blogs. The idea is to fill out as much of a card as possible and, of course, try to fill out a row to make BINGO. Many of these are themed. For example, some revolve around Victorian authors and books, so you’ll have to read books from certain years, certain authors, and about certain subjects, all from the Victorian era.

For tons more challenges from some blogs you have and loads you have not heard of, visit You, Me, and a Cup of Tea’s 2015 Reading Challenges page.

Proof Positive’s challenge to you is to make 2015 a year of indie reads, whether you read on your own, as part of a group, or as part of a challenge. Support your indie authors throughout the year, and don’t forget to leave reviews for them in as many places as possible. It helps them out a lot.

Happy reading in 2015!

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  1. Daisy says:

    This sounds like a really fun way to reach reading goals! I didn’t know about book challenges, so I really appreciate your post. Thanks! 🙂

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