Got Writer’s Block? 3 Outside-The-Box Ideas To Break Free

If you’ve ever had writer’s block – and what writer hasn’t? – you know how frustrating it is.

You’ve got a story to tell, it’s banging on the walls of your brain trying to get out, but you writer's blockjust can’t hear what it wants to say.

Or you want to enter a writing contest and the deadline is looming. You know you have a story in you – you’ve written in that genre plenty of times – but the ideas stubbornly remain hidden in their cozy nooks.

We’d like to suggest a few unique block-breaking methods that you can add to your arsenal. Because we don’t just proofread and edit, we truly want to see indie authors succeed.

In her YouTube video, 3 Unusual Ways to Break Writer’s Block, Proof Positive owner Christie Stratos shares her own¬†outside-the-box ideas on how you can break the block that binds you. Warning: she admits that some of her suggestions are “kinda weird” and might draw odd looks from your family, but hey, what’s a little weirdness between friends?


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