Book Launch: Lesbian Romance Book

If you’re looking for an unpredictable roller coaster ride of a romance book, Love Out of Bounds is just what you need! Ellie Spark‘s latest novella will make you fall in love with her well-intentioned characters, one of which has a secret that can’t be shared—literally. Or else it will ruin her.

Some lines should never be crossed.

Sophie London has never believed in love at first sight. When she forms an instant connection with gorgeous virtual assistant, Charli Robinson, she’s thrown into a spin and Love Out of Bounds by Ellie Sparkher rule book on love flies out the window. This woman is perfect, and she can imagine them spending the rest of their lives together.

Charli Robinson is not perfect. Accumulating a colossal debt twelve months earlier, she’s leading a secretive double life. Working a second job as a paid escort is not information she dares to share with the woman she’s fallen hard for.

With only a few weeks before her debt can be repaid and Charli can walk away from the escort business, her two worlds collide with spectacular, yet catastrophic, consequences. Sophie is left devastated, confused, and heartbroken. Has everything they’ve shared been a lie?

Unable to disclose her secret, Charli is left in a precarious situation. Does she come clean with Sophie and risk a financial blow so severe she’ll lose everything; or will she choose to walk away from the love of her life?

Books in the Love Stories series are long novella length (35-50K words) and may contain fade to black sex scenes. While some characters do appear in multiple books, these Love Stories can be enjoyed in any order. ♥

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