Short Read: Dark Fantasy Prelude

Dark fantasy at its best! Joshua Robertson‘s latest release, “The Skincutter’s Daughter“, is a
fast read full of unique concepts that will leave you wanting more. Luckily, there are a few books coming!

Madness Never Cut So Deep.

Adela’s first memory was of her father sliding a blade across his forearm, while herThe Skincutter's Daughter by Joshua Robertson mother sobbed and begged him to stop his madness. The cuts were never deep enough to cause permanent injury, but his blood flowed and the scars deepened, forever adorning his craggy skin. For years, Adela hid among the shadows watching him, never quite understanding his obsession. Now, when an old enemy of her parents resurfaces and threatens their welfare, the madness of her father might indefinitely become her own.

Read more of Joshua Robertson’s dark fantasy.

Death at Dusk by Joshua RobertsonHeshayol by Joshua Robertson


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