Book Launch: Riveting Family Drama

If your soulmate gives you an ultimatum, is he really the one for you?

When Cassie Pennebaker was just fourteen years old, her mother suddenly abandoned Living in the Rain by Ann Ormsbyher, leaving Cassie with her unpredictable, mentally unstable grandmother, Sally. From that moment on, Cassie had to pick up the pieces and be the responsible adult. Six years later, she’s faced with an impossible decision: leave town with her boyfriend, Joe Darby, to pursue a college degree, a career as a foreign correspondent, and a whole new life—or stay and care for Sally, who cannot care for herself.

Somehow always caught in the middle, Cassie is being pulled apart by everyone else’s needs. And it doesn’t help when her coworker, Sierra, shows her how carefree life could be—if only the weight of Sally’s past wasn’t crushing Cassie’s slim shoulders.

In this honest, heart-wrenching tale of unconditional love and familial devotion, Cassie must choose between an exciting future with Joe and doing what is right by Sally. Cassie must answer the question we’ve all asked ourselves at some time in our life: How much is she expected to sacrifice for someone she loves?

Ormsby peels back the layers of a family’s complicated past in this poignant, realistic, and sincere novel. Living in the Rain will touch your heart with moments of warmth and sadness and a cast of flawed but lovable characters not to be forgotten.

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