Book Launch: Paranormal Thriller Romance

Kristina Rienzi‘s final book in her Ensouled series duology is a fast-paced paranormal thriller set in New Jersey and filled with backstabbing, love, change, and above all, evil. Breaking Evil will keep you reading to the very last page!

The second thrilling tale in the Ensouled series.

One year ago, Sera Murano chose evil. She left her human world behind to transform into an Breaking Evil by Kristina RienziEnsoul, a rare and powerful demon, all to fight the evil she was about to become. Working for her father Lorenzo, the leader of all demons, she secretly vowed to overturn his plot to destroy humankind.

Battling Evil

That is, until demon hunters attack Sera and her beloved, Damon, and the truth about the human-demon war is revealed. Torn between the human life of her past and the supernatural one she lives now, Sera must decide who is the worse enemy: evil or humanity.

Breaking Evil
To win the battle of her life, Sera is forced to do the unthinkable, taking drastic measures and risking the lives of those she loves most. She must fight to the death against the only supernatural leader she’s ever known, all for a chance to break the cycle of evil.

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Choosing Evil by Kristina RienziAmong Us by Kristina RienziTwisted by Kristina Rienzi



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Book Launch: Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Novel

Ever wonder what a post-apocalyptic dystopian future might be like? With unique and memorable characters, vivid and varied landscapes, and a recognizable political culture, The Book of Ruin is an addictive, action-packed read. Here’s to hoping the talented W.G. Hladky will write many more books!

In a complex post-apocalyptic world, terrorism and political dissent still run rampant…

Generations after solar storms sent the world spiraling into a Second Dark Age, descendants The Book of Ruin by W.G. Hladkyof American soldiers defend the last NATO stronghold in Germania. From the Asiatic Steppes comes the mysterious Vucari. NATO sends Senior Chief Loveboy Weir and a team of rangers to investigate.

Traveling in anti-gravity vessels, they visit the beautiful city-state of New Reykjavik, mountains where Kazaks use giant eagles to hunt enemies, and a floating monastery where monks protect the Book of Ruin. They also encounter Vladimir the Resurrected, the Vucari’s warrior prince, who claims to want peace.

Weir struggles to convince NATO not to trust Vladimir. While politicians and clerics make backroom deals to appease Vladimir, Weir prepares for a war he fears is coming…

Dive into Military Fiction Books

Gray Girl by Susan I. SpiethArea Bird by Susan I. SpiethWitch Heart by Susan I. Spieth




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New Short Story: Horror House Fiction

The Subtlety of TerrorHorror isn’t always about jump scares and gore. In her latest short story, “The Subtlety of Terror”, author Christie Stratos takes readers into a house that haunts its occupant perpetually and unavoidably.

A satisfying craving for any horror enthusiast. Warning: once you bite, you’ll be back for more.
– Amazon reviewer

Fantastic short read that robs you of the very breath you need to keep reading until the conclusion comes, swiftly and mercilessly. Great piece of fiction.
– Amazon reviewer

At 1,950 words, this horror short story is a 10-minute read or less.

It’s the quietest evils that are the most horrifying—their persistence, constant presence, and unyielding terror. Real horror flourishes in its perpetual infliction of fear.

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Anatomy of a Darkened Heart by Christie StratosBrotherhood of Secrets by Christie Stratos


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Book Launch: Marriage Help Book

Lots of couples have marriage problems, but what if you can’t afford marriage counseling? In The Marriage MinutesJenna-Brooke DeStefano shares personal, family, and friends’ stories and advice to help work through some of the most common marriage problems and, in some cases, avoid them in the first place.

In this book you will find a collection of 100 fun, proven ways to make your marriage better just one minute at a time.

Over the past few years, Jenna-Brooke has been sharing with her friends, family and social The Marriage Minutes by Jenna-Brooke Destefanomedia community about marriage. When she got married to her husband, Marc, a police officer, she was shocked by the increasing divorce statistics all around them. She realized after talking to other couples how tough marriage could be but found so many couples knocking it out of the park!

She decided to compile all their tips, tricks and advice into The Marriage Minutes.

This book touches on a variety of topics and includes stories from couples who just started dating to couples who have been married 50+ years, sharing their own experiences and advice along the way. You’ll learn fun ways to strengthen, prioritize, spice up your marriage and restore that lost connection—one minute at a time.

Follow up your reading with:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman, Ph.D.The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

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CreateSpace & KDP Merge’s Impact on Translated Manuscripts

If you’re looking for more information on the transition from CreateSpace to KDP, here’s a page from Amazon that gives some great detail and further links to help. There’s been a lot of talk about formatting issues with the cover and manuscript, payment changes, cost difference, and more along those lines. Another thing to consider is language support.

If you’re having your book translated or you want to, check KDP’s list of supported languages for what formats they support.

If you already have a book published through KDP and it’s in one of the languages no longer supported, Amazon’s site says that “content uploaded in languages that Kindle doesn’t support won’t display properly on Kindle devices and will be removed from sale.”

Afrikaans French Northern Frisian
Alsatian Frisian Norwegian
Arabic (eBook only) Galician Nynorsk Norwegian
Basque German Portuguese
Bokmål Norwegian Gujarati (eBook only) Provençal
Breton Hindi (eBook only) Romansh
Catalan Icelandic Scots
Cornish Irish Scottish Gaelic
Corsican Italian Spanish
Danish Japanese (eBook only) Swedish
Dutch/Flemish Luxembourgish Tamil (eBook only)
Eastern Frisian Malayalam (eBook only) Welsh
English Manx
Finnish Marathi (eBook only)

Looking for books on translation?

Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World by Nataly Kelly and Jost ZetzscheTranslation: A Very Short Introduction by Matthew Reynolds

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Call for Submissions: Chicken Soup for the Soul


Chicken Soup for the Soul is open for story submissions in several categories:

  • Grandparents (deadline 9/30/18)
  • Mom knows best (deadline 9/30/18)
  • Life lessons from the dog (deadline 10/31/18)
  • Life lessons from the cat (deadline 11/30/18)
  • Running for good (deadline 12/15/18)
  • The golden years or second wind (deadline 12/30/18)

You can find out more here, including topic suggestions within each category:

General Guidelines

Stories should:

  • True stories only
  • Beginning, middle, and end—not looking for experimental story formats
  • Be emotional for the reader
  • Pack a punch at the end

They have a lot more of these kinds of guidelines in detail, including what they don’t want, right here:

Want to read Chicken Soup for the Soul before you submit?

Here are some of their latest releases. Reading them will help you understand what exactly they’re looking for and increase your chances of acceptance.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracle of LoveChicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family

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Book Launch: Royal Romance Box Set

royally screwed ebook coverRoyal and Reckless is finally here! Mark this as one of your romance books to read: Sienna Blake‘s Royally Screwed is included in this $0.99 romance box set, and it’s steamy! You can
count on a great story, tricky situations, and true love in this hot reverse harem romance.

When you buy this box set, you’re not just getting Sienna Blake‘s latest book, you’re getting a whole collection of varied and exciting stories that will keep you hooked.

Which royal will rule your heart?

Power, money, and fame aren’t the only noble pursuits. Enter the world of the Royal and Reckless, where the blue bloods run red hot, and scorching secrets lie just beneath the polished surface.

Inside these pages, you’ll find stranded royals, fiancees, reverse harem kingdoms, and more than one compromising position. From hidden royalty to secret babies, plots and twisted games, there’s something for everyone in the steamy scandal behind the crowns.

Join the Royal and the Reckless with more than twenty sizzling tales of sex, love, intrigue, betrayal, and blackmail! ORDER your limited edition copy TODAY!

Including titles from…

USA Today bestselling author Terry Keys
USA Today bestselling author Laura Greenwood
J.L. Beck & Syndi Burns
Sylvie Stewart
Sienna BlakeRoyal and Reckless box set cover
Hazel Parker
Kim Carmichael
Jen Katemi
Skye MacKinnon
Carmen Falcone
K.C. Finn
Arizona Tape
Maggie Carpenter
Isabella White
Summer Cooper
Mia Kayla
Christine Glover
Shandi Boyes
Stephanie Morris
Scarlett Avery
Helen Scott
Sybil Bartel
M.C. Cerny

The reviews are already rolling in

“…Sienna writes so well you get drawn in and entertained. This is not your normal poor girl, rich guy story. … You can never go wrong with a Sienna Blake story”

Craving more Sienna Blake reverse harem reads?

Three Irish Brothers ebook cover

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Book Launch: Reverse Harem Romance

Reverse harem books don’t come better than Sienna Blake‘s Three Irish Brothers. As a reverse harem standalone, this book is an expert mix of romance novel and erotic adventure, mostly taking place in Ireland.

Can you handle three Irish brothers… all at once?

I used to think I was one of the lucky ones.

But at twenty-six, I’ve left my “perfect” life in New York behind—my perfect fiancé, my stylish friends, my high-flying marketing career—and ended up in Ireland.

Truthfully, my perfect fiancé is now my ex after I walked in on him with his—and my best friend’s—pants down.
And my career? It’s over. Because that cheating ex-fiancé of mine…he owns the company I Three Irish Brothers ebook coverworked for.
I know. I know. Don’t screw your boss. Trust me, I’m never making that mistake again.

On my way to the remote Irish farm I’m now working on, my car hits a ditch. I’m rescued by the three sexiest men I’ve ever seen.

The three Irish O’Callaghan brothers.
Broad shoulders, strong arms, accents that make me wet just to hear them.

I want them. All of them.

I know they all want me.

Plot twist…

Turns out they’re my new bosses.

Warning: This is a sexy yet emotional reverse-harem romance, a full-length, standalone novel at 50k words. Three sexy Irish brothers who want nothing more than to please their special woman. All at the same time.

Sienna’s Quick & Dirty series consists of standalone novels that are hotter, dirtier and quicker than her other novels.

Three Irish Brothers banner
Sienna Blake delivers, yet again, with her signature brand of gritty, all-consuming romance!” ~ Lamplight Reviews

“The sex is smouldering. The characters loveable and the story well written. I binged read this in one sitting” ~ Kazza’s Books Blog & Review

“…brooding Killian, fun-loving Fionn, and kind-hearted Aiden, who could choose between them?” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Read other Sienna Blake books that take place in Ireland

Irish Kiss by Sienna BlakeProfessor's Kiss by Sienna Blake

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Book Launch: New Adult Paranormal Thriller

Looking for paranormal thriller authors to read? Look no further! Kristina Rienzi is relaunching her Ensouled series, and the first book to hit the spotlight is Choosing Evil.

Cursing Evil
Serafina Murano is no stranger to the paranormal, nor to evil. All her life she’s lived Choosing evil ebook coverharmoniously alongside demons despite the rage living inside of her. Damon Serpe is a conflicted demon on the ultimate mission: to infiltrate Serafina’s world. When their lives collide, they’re inexorably drawn to one another. But they’re forbidden to be together.

Chasing Evil
Dark, deadly secrets, gut-wrenching betrayal, and elusive questions that have haunted Serafina since childhood resurface in a wicked wrath. Damon holds the key to her understanding it all, as well as to her existence. If she decides to trust him, he will help decipher her recurring nightmares and unravel the lifelong mysteries tormenting her. Only Damon is harboring secrets far darker than Serafina ever imagined.

Choosing Evil
Time is running out. Serafina is forced to make an impossible decision. To save humankind, she must sacrifice her soul, choosing to become the very evil she has raged against her entire life. Embracing her truth won’t be easy. It’s a fate that will change her, and perhaps the world, forever.

Get started on this paranormal book series today!

Choosing Evil quote

Read more Kristina Rienzi books

Among Us by Kristina RienziTrain Girl: A Short Story by Kristina Rienzi30 Shades of Dead: A collection of mysteries to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sisters in Crime

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Guest Post: Story Ideas Are Like Autumn Winds

We finally have the joyous occasion of celebrating a long-awaited release: Haven Divided by Josh de Lioncourt! If you haven’t read Haven Lost and its short prequel Harmony’s Song, now is the time to grab them—they’re free starting today through August 3! Haven Divided, the second book in The Dragon’s Brood Cycle, launches tomorrow, July 31, so grab these freebies while they’re available and start reading.

Story ideas are like autumn leaves. They swirl and dance in an October wind, fleeting, colorful, and almost always beautiful. You can reach out to them, try to touch them, but most drift away, barely brushing your fingertips before they’re gone. If you happen to catch one, it is as likely as not that you will crush it before you’ve scarcely had a chance to examine it. Ideas are fragile things.

Every now and then, though, you snag a whole fistful of them, only to find they aren’t distinct stories at all, but merely fragments, puzzle pieces that might form something even more beautiful—if you can figure out which ones fit together and where.

My new novel, Haven Divided, is constructed very differently from its predecessor in The Haven DividedDragon’s Brood Cycle. There are four main POVs (and a couple of minor ones) that the story moves between. Keeping track of that many threads is challenging all on its own, and that’s before you factor in your job as the writer to make sure you don’t overwhelm or fatigue your reader.

Many seasoned authors tell new writers to just keep getting words down onto the page (or screen) and not worry too much if they’re any good. “That’s what rewrites and editors are for,” they say. In fact, NaNoWriMo is practically built on that entire concept, and a little more than one-third of my first novel Haven Lost was written during NaNoWriMo.

While the idea is a sound one that has certainly worked well for many, it has never been what works for me. In general, I write a chapter or scene, then go over it at least once, sometimes twice, trying to see it from my reader’s perspective. I edit and revise; I condense superfluous sections and add color to others. I don’t linger long over it, but I let it settle in my mind and become something independent of my imagination, something that can stand on its own. And then I move on to the next chapter.

This strategy was absolutely essential when juggling multiple POVs, and in fact ended up expanding. Whenever I would return to a character whose POV I hadn’t written in a while, I went back through his or her previous section, allowing their perspective to become my own as a reader would. Only then would I resume their tale. This made, I think, for a much more cohesive story, and keeps the reader fully immersed in each character’s world. When done well, a reader can often identify whose perspective a chapter is entering before the text itself even makes that explicit, because each POV should carry the flavor of its protagonist’s voice.

HAVEN LOST is free July 30 – August 3

Around the halfway mark of writing Haven Divided, I accidentally stumbled into another important part of the process, at least for me. I’d needed to put the book aside while working on another project for an extended period of time. When I returned to it, I went back and reread all that I had written so far, and I realized that the pacing could be better. Before continuing, I rearranged the first half of the book, establishing a rhythm to the story and POV changes that improved the way in which the story unfolded from the reader’s perspective. Never be afraid of moving things around. Stories and plots, just like the language itself on the page, have a beat and a tempo that matters, even if your reader is not consciously aware of it. Once I’d made those changes, maintaining that rhythm for the remainder of the book became natural and effortless, and the book itself was far better for it. Sometimes it seems that the puzzle pieces fit one way, when in fact, that bit of sky is over there, not over here.

All of that is a long way of saying this: when the evenings come sooner and the first chill and smell of woodsmoke comes to you on the autumn winds, reach out for the leaves that flutter by and try to catch a few. See if they make a picture, and don’t be afraid of rearranging them a thousand times over. Even if you crush one or two, there are always more—and they are all beautiful.

Before... de Lioncourt quote








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