Book Launch: Is the Stone Tower Haunted by a Tangle of Secrets?

Meet Heyward and Andersen, consulting detectives in a paranormal London you never imagined…

Elspeth Heyward has never met a puzzle she didn’t want to solve, or an adventure she didn’t relish. Taking Sherlock Homes as her benchmark, she is determined to be the best detective and monster hunter in London.

Lars Andersen’s ambitions aren’t nearly as demanding. He just wants to stay alive, out ofThe Ghostly Tower: A Heyward and Andersen Mystery by A. F. Stewart trouble, and out of jail. But when your partner likes guns and dynamite, that could be a challenge. Can he survive his new employment?

The Case: Discover if a stone tower on their client’s estate is haunted. It should be straightforward, but ghosts aren’t all they find. When they dig up a body, they also unearth a murder and a tangle of secrets. Secrets they’d better unravel quickly before someone else dies.

Set in an alternate, supernatural version of Victorian Britain, The Ghostly Tower is the first riveting story in the Heyward and Andersen, Consulting Detectives series.

Read The Ghostly Tower, book 1 of the Heyward and Andersen, Consulting Detectives series

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Book Launch: Age-Gap Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Grumpy bad boy tattoo artist, Conor Mac Haol, doesn’t trust anyone. Least of all the new juvie apprenticing at his beloved Dublin Ink as part of her probation.Dublin Ink by Sienna Blake
She is way too pretty and way, way too young.

Coming from a broken home, Aurnia has had to grow up faster than most girls. She doesn’t need anyone telling her what to do.
Least of all Conor, her new (very hot, very muscled, very tattooed and very, very rude) boss who obviously hates her.

But Aurnia’s troubles reminds Conor too much of his dark past. He becomes obsessed with keeping her safe. Keeping her protected.
Even from him.
Especially from him.

Soon sparks and insults turn into broken rules and forbidden moments—until one final mistake seals their fate.

Read Dublin Ink

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Book Launch: Court Sabotage, a Broken Heart, and a Kingdom at War

Life with Fae royalty is proving to be a royal pain in the…

Capturing a Seelie spy should have put Coraline Fray in the Unseelie queen’s favor. AfterFaerie Stolen by Anna Applegate all, she did singlehandedly save her, her husband, and the stunningly handsome Prince Noah. But instead, all it did was make things between Cora and the royals even more complicated.

To keep the her away from the prince, Cora is reprioritized to be a ladies maid to none other than Noah’s betrothed, but Cora soon discovers this beautiful fae duchess is a snake, twisting everyone around her venomous fingers, including Prince Noah. Her desire to claim the throne goes beyond her arranged marriage, and Cora is the only one who can stop her. But will anyone believe her?

With a war brewing between the kingdoms, things begin to unravel fast…and Cora is stuck right in the middle of it all. Her loyalty has been proven to the Unseelie Court, but will that be enough?

Fans of Bella Forrest and Stephenie Meyer won’t be able to put down this new-adult, paranormal romance!

One-click now to return to Faerie on another magical adventure!

Read Anna Applegate’s Curse of the Fae series

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Book Launch: LGBTQ+ Inclusive Young Adult Romance

[It] brought me to tears and sent my heart soaring.” —Rachael Lippincott, NYT Bestselling co-author of SHE GETS THE GIRL

HEARTSTOPPER meets FOOTLOOSE in this cute young adult romance about first love, embracing what makes you different, and standing up for what you believe.

— — — — —

Jacob Walters′s dad has worked to make his son′s life a living hell. But when the cute new transfer student suffers his father′s wrath, Jacob must make the hardest decisions of his life.

Skylar Gray is adopted, nonverbal, and he feels most comfortable wearing skirts. Life hasEvery Word You Never Said by Jordon Greene never been easy, but with a fresh start at a brand-new school, with new parents and in a new state, he just might finally make some friends. Maybe. Honestly it′s hard to focus on anything when gorgeous rocker boy Jacob is around. But it′s hard for Skylar to trust anyone when people have always been quick to ditch him at the first inconvenience; they always seem more than ready to judge him as defective. And the bullies love to confirm it. Skylar has only ever had himself, so why would anything be different this time? Especially for an anxious boy with literally no voice.

Jacob doesn′t give a damn, especially not since he came out over the summer. He expected the hate he got from his father, who mostly acts as if it never happened, but he refuses to let it hold him back. It doesn′t matter, Jacob′s over it. He’s going to paint his nails, dye his hair, and strike a heavy rift on his guitar if he wants to, even if it means being grounded most of senior year. But when the cute nonverbal transfer student, Skylar, wears a skirt to school, prompting a sexist new dress code proposal, Jacob decides it′s time to take a stand, no matter the risk to himself.

Read more by Jordon Greene


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HERETICS Wins Silver in the 2022 Global Book Awards!

Congratulations to our client V.S. Holmes for winning silver in the Hard Science Fiction category of the 2022 Global Book Awards!

Heretics also has a 5-star review from Publishers Weekly. If you haven’t read this book yet, grab it!

Without Earth, Nel has nowhere left to run

Hot-tempered Dr. Nel Bently is not cut out to save the world. After her last project ended in fire and death, Nel must put aside distrust of just about everyone and embark on a lo-fi search for a deadly radio transmission. Except Earth’s survivors are torn between the austere superpower of IDH and the high-tech, grassroots Los Pobledores.

More allies go missing at every turn, and Nel questions where her true loyalties lie–and on which side Lin will fall when a line is finally drawn. They need experts. They need firepower. But it looks like the only thing standing between Earth and devastation is Nel: archaeologist, asshole, and functioning alcoholic with anger issues.

ALIEN meets LARA CROFT in this queer, snarky science fiction adventure about where we came from, and where we’re going from International Bestselling author V. S. Holmes.

Read the Stars Edge series on Kindle, including Kindle Unlimited

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Book Launch: Can a Small Town Lake House Save a Writer and an Artist?

Two artists. Two careers on the brink of disaster.

Crippled by writer’s block, New York Times best-selling author Kristen Winters fears her The Lake House at Hope's Ridge by Silver McKenziecareer is slipping away. Her publisher’s on her back, her motivation is at an all-time low, and to bring her down even further, her beloved San Francisco apartment has been declared unsafe for habitation.

When an opportunity to relocate brings Kristen to Hope’s Ridge, she hopes the gorgeous views and welcoming townsfolk will inspire her writing. What she hasn’t anticipated is making an enemy in the form of Hope’s Ridge’s resident artist, Ryan Williamson.

For the past four months, Ryan has been floating on cloud nine. His artwork is being featured as part of an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and he’s been offered an opportunity of a lifetime on the international stage. However, his charmed existence comes crashing down when a medical emergency sees all he has worked for come under threat.

Will Kristen and Ryan recognise how alike their circumstances are and unite to support each other, or will their rivalry become so intense that one of them will need to leave town?

Read the whole Hope’s Ridge series

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Book Launch: Can Hunting Child Killers Lead Danielle to Becoming A Target?

There’s a thin line between devotion and obsession, and crossing it is deadly.

Danielle Madison has spent the eight years since her ninth birthday channeling the devastation of her best friend’s murder into catching pedophiles online. Being the one to have found Kira’s body, she can’t forget the brutality of the crime. Worse, she’s sure Kira wasn’t the murderer’s first victim. Since he was never caught, she’s also sure Kira wasn’t his last, and she’s dead set on figuring out his identity.

Months away from her eighteenth birthday, the course of Danielle’s life is altered onceDawn of Devotion by Lee Dawna again when her father forces her to move across the country to live with her estranged mother—a wealth-obsessed narcissist with nothing but complaints when it comes to her daughter. Complaints that send Danielle’s self-esteem spiraling, and put her at odds with Michael Beller, the one person she’s finally found a connection with. But Michael has no idea how far Danielle has taken her obsession with catching child killers, or that she’s caught the attention of the very one she’s been looking for all along.

As the ninth anniversary of Kira’s death approaches, Danielle is unraveling. Michael wants every drop of her attention, but so does Kira’s murderer—and he gets it every time he baits her.

While she keeps secrets to protect those she cares about, one thing is certain: she’s putting everyone at risk, most of all herself.

Read the whole Beller Ties series!

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Book Launch: Special Secret Treasure or a New Lovecraftian Horror?

Megan’s mother has no patience for her. Megan’s privileged pseudo-friend, Sophie, bullies The Wish Maker by Jessa Foresther at every opportunity. And Megan’s teachers are sure she’ll only be good enough for the worst jobs available.

Midnight-blue eyes grant wishes.

But her special secret treasure is the one thing they can’t take from her. And it holds an incredibly powerful and frightening thing inside, something Megan can never mention to anyone. The thing with midnight-blue eyes and uncountable jagged teeth wants Megan to wish for something, anything, and it wants her to wish more and more. But at what cost?

Every wish has a price.

The Wish Maker is a cosmic horror short story exposing the disturbing similarities between real-life evils and a larger-than-life Lovecraftian monster.

Read Jessa Forest’s Speculative E-Shorts series

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Draft2Digital to Acquire Smashwords, Creating Self-Publishing Juggernaut

Combined Company will Publish and Distribute 800,000+ Titles from 250,000 Authors and Publishers

February 8, 2022 — OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. and PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. — Draft2Digital, LLC and Smashwords, Inc., two pioneers in ebook self-publishing, today announced that Draft2Digital will acquire Smashwords. The acquisition unites the industry’s two most innovative and author-friendly publishing platforms into one, enabling the new Draft2Digital to drive even greater success for authors, publishers, and sales partners.

–To see authors’ concerns about this acquisition and Draft2Digital’s responses to author concerns, scroll down on Draft2Digital’s announcement here.–

Smashwords Draft2Digital Merger Concerns

Authors are concerned that books that Draft2Digital rejected but Smashwords accepted will now be continually rejected with no alternative aggregator route.

Draft2Digital and Smashwords are key catalysts behind the dramatic rise of self-publishing over the last fourteen years. Their publishing platforms enable 250,000 authors and publishers around the world to publish, distribute, market, and manage over 800,000 ebooks and 11,000 print on demand paperback books.

The combined company will operate under the Draft2Digital name and will be headquartered in Oklahoma City. All Smashwords and Draft2Digital employees are expected to join the combination.

Kris Austin, co-founder and CEO of Draft2Digital, will lead the combined company as CEO. Mark Coker, founder and former CEO of Smashwords, will join the Draft2Digital management team as Chief Strategy Officer and board member.

Both companies are entering the acquisition profitable and debt-free.

“I’m pleased to welcome Smashwords authors, publishers, employees and partners to the D2D family,” said Kris Austin. “Early in our discussions with Smashwords, we each immediately realized we can accomplish so much more for the indie author community by working together than working as competitors. The resources we once expended creating duplicative systems can now be redeployed to ramp up our R&D investments in next generation tools to empower authors and publishers.”

“I’m thrilled to join forces with Draft2Digital,” said Mark Coker. “Over the last decade, I’ve come to deeply admire Draft2Digital’s team, technology, and commitment to authors. Our shared business model is a key to our two companies’ success. We put authors first. By design, we only make money when our authors make money. This aligns our interests with the interests of our authors. Together we will lead the next chapter of the indie author revolution.”

The combination is expected to yield significant benefits for authors, publishers, retail and library partners, and readers.

  • Draft2Digital authors will gain access to the Smashwords Store and its myriad exclusive book marketing tools, including Smashwords Coupons, self-serve merchandising, Author Interviews, and the patent pending Smashwords Presales tool for book launches. Sales at the Smashwords Store have grown consecutively each of the last five years, with December 2021 sales up 20% over December 2020. Draft2Digital’s erotica authors can look forward to expanded distribution enabled by Smashwords’ proprietary erotica certification system, which allows retailers to carry erotic romance and mainstream erotica with greater confidence.
  • Smashwords authors will gain access to new tools that simplify print and digital publishing and drive greater success. Among these tools are D2D Print, the company’s Print on Demand service for paperbacks (currently in beta, which authors can join at; improved metadata management tools for better book discoverability at retailers; automated end-matter for series books; payment splitting for co-authors and collaborations; and more payment options, including direct bank deposits.
  • Retailers and libraries served by the companies can expect greater title selection and unmatched merchandising recommendations. The new, merged company will offer retailers, subscription services, and libraries unprecedented data-driven insights into the world’s largest dedicated catalog of independently published books. This represents a unique and first-of-its-kind offering that Draft2Digital believes will improve the publishing industry.
  • Customers of the Smashwords Store can look forward to an improved store experience and an increased selection of books from the many great authors and publishers distributed by Draft2Digital.

“This acquisition is great news for indie authors,” said Joanna Penn, host of the Creative Penn podcast and bestselling author who has followed each company since its founding. “Two of the industry’s strongest advocates for indie authors are combining their unique toolsets, technologies, and energy to do more for the indie community. There are exciting years ahead!”

What’s Coming Next

The acquisition is expected to close on March 1, 2022.

To minimize workflow disruption for authors, publishers, and sales partners, the two platforms will combine their systems in gradual and incremental steps.

Authors and publishers of both companies can continue utilizing their current platform of choice with the understanding that over time the authors and publishers of both companies will gain access to a common dashboard, common distribution outlets (including distribution to the Smashwords Store for current D2D authors), and an expanded suite of new and improved tools for book publishing, distribution, and marketing.

Draft2Digital will broadcast a live Q&A session for authors and publishers on Wednesday, February 9th, at Noon Central, with Kris Austin and Mark Coker, moderated by Kevin Tumlinson, Draft2Digital’s VP of Marketing & PR. Kris and Mark will share additional insight about their plans to support the indie publishing community and welcome questions from the audience.

Visit for links and launch time, and to attend live on either Facebook or YouTube. Live questions about the acquisition are encouraged. The live broadcast will be recorded for future inclusion in the Draft2Digital podcast, Self Publishing Insiders, and will be available as a blog post at

Additional FAQs about the acquisition can be found at:

About Draft2Digital

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Draft2Digital is the world’s leading publishing platform for self-published authors and independent presses. The company offers a broad suite of free and powerful automated and self-serve tools that authors and publishers can use to build and grow their publishing businesses. This includes tools to simplify ebook and print publishing, distribution, metadata management, and marketing. Following its acquisition of Smashwords, Draft2Digital will serve more than 250,000 authors and publishers that collectively publish over 800,000 books worldwide. Visit Draft2Digital at or follow on Twitter @Draft2Digital.

About Smashwords, Inc.

Founded in 2008 by Mark Coker, Smashwords was an early pioneer in ebook self-publishing. The company’s platform made it possible for writers to professionally produce, publish, and distribute ebooks at no cost. As a distributor, Smashwords was the first to open multiple major retailers and library ebook services to self-published authors, and worked in partnership with sales partners and payment processors to establish systems, standards, and professional best practices to foster a thriving ecosystem of indie-friendly booksellers and libraries. As of December 31, 2021, Smashwords was publishing 590,000 ebooks supplied by 150,000 authors, publishers and literary agents. The company was originally headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif, and most recently based in Pacific Grove, Calif. Visit Smashwords at, or follow the store at @Smashwords.

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Book Launch: Snatched from the Foster System, Alone in a Magical Kingdom

Coraline Fray’s escape from foster care is about to turn into a fight for her life.

After Cora’s utter clumsiness lands her in a strange world, she’s immediately hauled off to Faerie Magic by Anna Applegatejail by a Fae guard. Now the freedom that had been so close is a distant memory…because humans who learn of Faerie can never go back.

Imprisoned as an energy source for the Unseelie Kingdom, Cora now serves the heir to the throne: Noah Driscoll. And although Prince Noah disagrees with the practice of imprisoning humans for energy-feeding purposes, that’s a secret the future Unseelie King needs kept quiet.

Which means even if he’s against it, he needs Cora to pretend he’s feeding, and she needs to keep up the ruse, too. Because if Noah isn’t feeding on her, she’ll be assigned to another Fae who will.

And yet, somehow she’s found herself loyal to these monsters the minute they’re threatened, and starting to fall for the Prince of the Unseelie himself…two mistakes that are about to cost her what little she has left.

Fans of Bella Forrest and Stephenie Meyer won’t be able to put down this new-adult, paranormal romance!

One-click now to escape to Faerie on this new, magical adventure!

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