Book Launch: Living in China as an American

Ever wonder what it’s really like to live in a country with a culture and language utterly different from your own? Author Aldo Quintana has done just that, and he shares all the details of his experience without sugarcoating it. In a fascinating dive into what it’s like living in China as an American, Quintana deals with finding an affordable and clean apartment in Shanghai (harder than you’d think), the best apps for living in China, how to get around China’s internet restrictions, getting around the language barrier, and so much more. Pick up The Twists and Turns of Living in Shanghai to feel as if you’re living in Shanghai, China without having to travel.

From getting a Z visa to daily price negotiations, from dating to work life…

The Twists and Turns of Living in Shanghai consists of two and a half years (January 2017 to The Twists and Turns of Living in Shanghai by Aldo QuintanaJune 2019) in China’s largest city. We’ll encounter the trials and tribulations (both conventional and unconventional), which textbooks and colleges don’t prepare us to wrestle. In fact, there’s more Yang (chaos) compared to Yin (order).

If stories about quitting a job to experience wanderlust or preaching the perks of living abroad are what you’re craving, well, you won’t find it here. Now if reading stuff that makes eyebrows raise, to say, “What the f***?” and causes some chuckles along the way is your cup of tea, then I welcome you to taste my batch. We’ll explore the other side of the coin: the things we don’t see or hear about on social media posts. In this book, it’s the twists and turns of living overseas with twenty-four million people in Shanghai, China.

More travel nonfiction by Aldo Quintana about living in China as an American

180 Days Abroad With The Chinese Locals by Aldo Quintana



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Book Launch: Children’s Fantasy Book

Action, adventure, magic—everything kids love in one brand new children’s fantasy book series! New York Times bestselling author Ben G. Greenfield introduces his World Leapers series with The Forest, a riveting novel that features everything fantasy booklovers crave. Children’s fantasy books have never been this easy to appreciate at any age, so dive into this series headfirst!

A magical world with classic fantasy elements

Upon stepping into a dark shed in the middle of the forest, twin brothers River and Terran are transported to a remote prison island in the magical world of Arbore—a world The Forest by Ben G. Greenfieldcrawling with strong magic, hidden snares, and rogue creatures. Using their powers to control the elements of water and earth, the boys must escape the mysterious island inhabitants and discover their way to the mainland. But if they make it off the island, what dangers await on the mainland?

River and Terran face the ultimate test: to save this otherworld—and each other. With the help of the seafarers, elves, warrior princesses, healers, and Magisters they meet along the way, our heroes endure a riveting adventure of harsh wilderness, epic battles, tangled romances, elemental sciences, spiritual encounters, and hardcore survival. Like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of NarniaNew York Times bestselling author Ben G. Greenfield’s World Leapers series is sure to entertain fantasy fans of all ages.

Arbore World Leapers map

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Book Launch: Enemies-to-Lovers MMA Romance

The final installment of Sienna Blake’s Irish Kiss series drops you into the realm of the World #1 MMA Champion, where nothing is more important than keeping his title—not even his own life. The tension sizzles with his new assistant, a woman so much his opposite and yet so intriguing, he may not be able to keep things professional.

Proof Positive is a proud proofreader of Sienna Blake books. See our catalog for all of Sienna’s diverse romance-driven novels.

Another installment in the Irish Kiss series

Declan “The Homewrecker” Gallagher.Fighter's Kiss by Sienna Blake
World #1 MMA Champion.
Broad shoulders, perfect eight pack and the temper of a bull.
Still recovering from a car accident that broke his body.
Still married to the cheating supermodel bitch who broke his heart.

…My new boss.

I can’t even begin to list all the reasons why getting close to him is a bad idea.
Or going to that fancy red carpet thing as his date.
Or letting him kiss me like he might never let me go.

Did I say bad idea?

Scratch that.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Read more Irish Kiss novels by Sienna Blake

Click on the book cover to view it on Amazon.

The Irish Lottery by Sienna BlakeIrish Kiss by Sienna BlakeProfessor's Kiss by Sienna Blake

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Book Launch: Barbarian Fantasy

The genre of barbarian fantasy is closely tied to Conan the Barbarian, a classic also known for being at the roots of sword and sorcery fantasy. Joshua Robertson, award-winning fantasy author, has a brand new release you’ll enjoy if you love Conan-style tales. Robertson is primarily known for his dark fantasy novels and short stories, but he has mastered this fantasy subgenre right off the bat. “Ren the Red Falcon” is Robertson’s new short fantasy release through Three Furies Press.

Her talons cut deeper than steel.Ren the Red Falcon by Joshua Robertson

Taken by Aggath slavers as a child, Ren’s youthful rage was tempered by the crack of a whip. Season after season, she endured the wrath of those who slaughtered her kin and stole her life.

Years later, when her captors are unexpectedly defeated by a company of savage barbarians, Ren briefly tastes freedom before being ensnared once more to be gifted to another tribe as a token of peace.

Now, with thralldom threatening her future once more, she must learn to rekindle her inner fire or forever suffer a life of servitude.

About Joshua Robertson

WebsiteInstagram | Twitter

Joshua RobertsonJoshua Robertson is an award-winning author in fantasy fiction. Robertson is also a Licensed Master Social Worker, who received his degree from Wichita State University.

You may recognize him as the dude whose dragons were said to destroy George R.R. Martin’s and Christopher Paolini’s dragons in a very biased Twitter poll. His first novel, Melkorka, was released in 2015, and he has been writing fantasy fiction like clockwork ever since. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers.

He currently lives in North Carolina with his better half and his horde of goblins.

Read Joshua Robertson’s books

Click on the book cover to view it on Amazon.

Death at Dusk by Joshua RobertsonOf Life and Death by Joshua RobertsonThe Highborn Longwalker by Joshua Robertson

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Story Germination: Guest Post by W.G. Hladky

What triggers the seed of a story to germinate? Mine started more than thirty years ago while living in Germany, teaching college courses to U.S. soldiers. While driving to the various military posts, I would pass medieval castles, ruins of Middle Age fortresses and well-preserved medieval towns that feudal knights time-warped to today would feel comfortable visiting.

And occasionally, I would pass a Fernsehturm, German for TV tower. They are unique; we Fernsehturmdon’t have them in the states. The most famous one is the twelve-hundred-foot tall Fernsehturm in Berlin. However, not all are located in the cities; many dot the countryside. They are reinforced concrete spires that support spherical or cylinder-shaped structures just below upward-thrusting antennas. These structures have multiple floors and elevators, and many contain restaurants.

Conditioned to seeing so many medieval ruins, I at times saw the Fernsehturms not as modern structures but as just more Middle Age edifices. When I found myself in that alternative mindset, I rattled the marbles around my head to get back to reality. However, the experience got me to wonder; what would become of Fernsehturms if modernity collapses, sending the world into a Dark Age? Would the locals tear them down and quarry their material to build shelters, much like what happened to many Roman structures after the fall of Rome? Would their ground-level foyers become stables for farm animals?  Or would the new nobility and clerics use them as castles, palaces or churches?

I have published the first two novels of a trilogy that take place in Central Europe after modernity collapses and the world returns to a medieval age. Because the Fernsehturms are the tallest intact structures remaining, they become important symbols. NATO and the Church—the only institutions that survived the collapse—rush to commandeer them as they jostle each other for power. In one city, the Church transforms a Fernsehturm into a basilica. NATO occupies another city’s Fernsehturm, converting it into a castle headquarters.

To give the reader a sense that modernity had progressed past the present before its collapse, I reimagined the Fernsehturms’ purpose. I called them Induktiv-Sendemast, German for “inductive transmission tower.” They did not broadcast television and radio signals but instead transmitted power wirelessly to electrical vehicles, similar to how charging pads energize cell phones.

Thinkers brighter than I have argued creativity arises when differing frames of reference intersect, blending together to form a new thought. The differing frames of reference that smacked me in the face were edifices from different ages. When they blended together, they birthed the thought, what if.  I explore that question in my novels The Book of Ruin, The Flashfall Sword and in the book I am now writing, Rangerknights.

About W.G. Hladky

Website  |  Facebook

W.G. HladkyW.G. Hladky is a retired homicide detective from the Miami-Dade Police Department. Before becoming a cop, he was a newspaper reporter. Bill also is a published poet. He and his wife are travel addicts, and many years ago lived in Germany, where Bill taught officer survival skills to American M.P.’s.

He now travels across the country explaining to police officers how violent encounters impact their physiological and psychological responses. He has a bachelor’s degree in General Studies from the University of Iowa, a Master Degree in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University and a Master Degree in Criminal Justice from Nova Southeastern University. Bill recently has been seen stumbling around a Fort Lauderdale dojo trying to learn Aikido.

Read W.G. Hladky’s books

Click on the book cover to view it on Amazon.

The Book of Ruin by W.G. HladkyThe Flashfall Sword by Bill Hladky

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Book Launch: Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Novel Prequel

W.G. Hladky’s post-apocalyptic dystopian world continues with his prequel to The Book of Ruin! In his latest release, The Flashfall Sword, find out how the world fell apart and see its bloody post-apocalyptic history play out. Plus, get to know Book of Ruin favorite main character Senior Chief Weir’s family. Make no assumptions—you can’t predict this book!

The Flashfall Sword is a follow-up to W.G. Hladky’s well-received debut novel, The Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Novel The Flashfall Sword by W.G. HladkyBook of Ruin.

Senior Chief Weir’s great grandsire, Ranger Lovecraft Weir, wields his Flashfall sword in the service of NATO at a time when a Dark Age torments the lands. A deadly pestilence spreads, mutating with terrifying efficiency. Shadowlanders flay enemies and ply women with potions to make them dimwitted and submissive. And young boys undergo grisly rites of passage to teach them to follow the Lord of Putridity. Only NATO keeps the Shadowlanders and pestilence at bay. But when a traitor betrays the alliance, and Shadowlander tribes come together to annihilate all those who are unseeded, NATO must overcome catastrophic losses and face its greatest challenge yet.

Haven’t read the post-apocalyptic dystopian prequel book yet? Check out our post on The Book of Ruin

Dive into Military Fiction Books

Gray Girl by Susan I. SpiethArea Bird by Susan I. SpiethWitch Heart by Susan I. Spieth

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Book Launch: Contemporary Romance Novel

First in British Contemporary Literature, third in Friendship Fiction, and third in City Life Fiction. Sienna Blake‘s latest release, The Irish Lottery, is topping Amazon lists and getting rave reviews in its first few days. This standalone friends-to-lovers contemporary romance novel includes more than attraction, it shows the deep bonds of family and takes on an important double standard.

Proof Positive is a proud proofreader of Sienna Blake books. See our catalog for all of Sienna’s diverse romance-driven novels.

The Irish Lottery: Four hot Irish brothers ready to play out your ultimate fantasy…

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Our ma is sick and this lottery is the only way to raise that much money quickly.The Irish Lottery by Sienna Blake

But when my best friend in the whole world, the girl I’ve secretly loved for years, turns up as the winner I cannot believe it.

When I read the secret fantasy she’s submitted I almost choke.

She just wants us to give her what she’s never had…

…an O.

This could be the very thing I need to convince her that we should be more than friends. I could give her what she wants—the sexiest night of her life…and more.

I just hope she’s happy when she finds out who’s behind the mask.

Read more Irish Kiss novels by Sienna Blake

Three Irish Brothers by Sienna BlakeMy Irish Kings by Sienna BlakeIrish Kiss by Sienna Blake

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Book Launch: Pirate Fantasy Novel

A. F. Stewart‘s latest pirate fantasy release is finally here! Magic, death personified, and an imbalanced universe are just a few of the things that make Renegades of the Lost Sea uniquely imaginative and a read you’ll remember.

A god, his mother, and a Nightmare Crow.

Old enemies surface once again and undead pirates roam the seas. The man he killed, Black Renegades of the Lost Sea by A. F. Stewart Pirate FantasyAxe Morgan, has returned for revenge on Captain Rafe Morrow, while from the shadows the Nightmare Crow reveals his true self. The two form an alliance and bring mayhem to the seas, all to draw out Captain Morrow and his crew.

Yet, this time, Rafe doesn’t face his enemies alone. Death walks the Outer Islands to save her son and the Sovereign of the Gods leads Captain Morrow past all the lies to the truth. The fate of Chaos and Harmony itself hangs in the balance of this fight.

Will centuries of schemes and plans reforge the bond of the realms, or will the Seven Kingdoms and the Outer Islands fall?

Can the God of Souls find his destiny before it is too late?

The endgame of gods begins…

Read the whole Saga of the Outer Islands series

Ghosts of the sea moon by A. F. Stewart Pirate FantasySouls of the Dark Sea by A. F. Stewart Pirate FantasyRenegades of the Lost Sea by A. F. Stewart Pirate Fantasy

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Book Launch: Urban Paranormal Series

We’re thrilled to share with you a brand new voice in urban paranormal, Jaya Moon, with her debut book, Awoken, the first in The Ascension of Meghan May series. Get swept away in an urban paranormal world of sexy animal shifters, dangerous angels, and a war that’s spilling into the human world.

Angels and shifters like you’ve never seen them before.

I moved to the city because I thought it was safer—the bigger the city, the more angels.Awoken by Jaya Moon Urban Paranormal

I was wrong.

Who knew saving an owl would mean I’d be hunted by the High Angel and Warden of the State? That owl I saved…he wasn’t any ordinary owl. I’ve been labelled a shifter sympathizer, and we end up as dead as shifters.

So now I’m on the run.

A shifter believes he owes me his life. With help from his friends—a human and a surly angel—he’s vowed to get me out of this mess I’m in. After that, I can return to my old life.

The plan is simple. Life, however, isn’t.

Awoken is Book 1 in The Ascension of Meghan May series. It is an urban paranormal, slow to medium burn, reverse harem “why choose” story intended for a mature audiences (18+ years). It contains strong language and sexual situations.

About Jaya Moon

Jaya Moon lives on the south coast of Australia with her husband and son. She digs holes by day and writes at night and is tempted to tell you she’s a grave digger (that sounds far more interesting than her real day job).

She writes steamy, character-driven romance novels.

You can connect with Jaya at her Facebook group The Lunar Lounge.

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Short Read: Dark Fantasy Prelude

Dark fantasy at its best! Joshua Robertson‘s latest release, “The Skincutter’s Daughter“, is a
fast read full of unique concepts that will leave you wanting more. Luckily, there are a few books coming!

Madness Never Cut So Deep.

Adela’s first memory was of her father sliding a blade across his forearm, while herThe Skincutter's Daughter by Joshua Robertson mother sobbed and begged him to stop his madness. The cuts were never deep enough to cause permanent injury, but his blood flowed and the scars deepened, forever adorning his craggy skin. For years, Adela hid among the shadows watching him, never quite understanding his obsession. Now, when an old enemy of her parents resurfaces and threatens their welfare, the madness of her father might indefinitely become her own.

Read more of Joshua Robertson’s dark fantasy.

Death at Dusk by Joshua RobertsonHeshayol by Joshua Robertson


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